You’re enthusiastic about creating a coaching business that you love, and to help other people be their best. But in starting your business, you’ve realised there are so many areas to navigate.  

In fact, what you’ve learned so far is how much you don’t know about creating a successful business – and how much time, effort and expense it will involve to learn all that yourself. 

The good news is, we’ve done the hard work for you, drawing together recognised strategies and 20+ years of business success in one convenient, self-paced package.

Passion to Profit (“P2P”) is a 6-month online course that will
  • give you clarity on your simple, beautiful business idea 
  • deliver a step-by-step process to start your business (covering how and why)
  • create confidence and competence to start running your business 
  • help you apply your learning in a way that's relevant to your business, and
  • empower you to develop a successful and profitable venture.

Why Passion to Profit?

1. Passion to Profit was developed by a successful Wellness Coach, for Wellness Coaches.
It includes both tried-and-trusted strategies in key areas of business, plus the key lessons learned (the hard way) over 20 years building a multi-million-dollar business and successful coaching business. 

2. Clear, step-by-step instructions in key start-up areas
You’ll cover everything in a logical order, from setting your vision and ideal clients, to branding, packaging, pricing, program content, business models, marketing, generating leads, sales and systems.

3. Coaching-style delivery
Passion to Profit delivers content in a coaching style, prompting you to reflect, observe and ask open ended questions for each Module. This enhances learning, understanding and relevance.

4. Improving your marketing, money and sales mindset
If you’re nervous about asking for money, being seen on social media, or speaking out, you simply won’t make the connections you need to attract clients, close sales and make a decent living. Passion to Profit shows you how to get into the right headspace to handle money and sales with ease. 

Who’s It For?

Passion to Profit is for you if you tick one or more of these boxes:
  • Are new to coaching business
  • Can see the gaps in your business knowledge
  • Struggle to put your passion into action
  • Aren’t sure how to create a profitable business
  • Lack clarity about your niche or idea client
  • Want to know how to package and price to attract paying clients 
  • Need to feel understand and feel comfortable with marketing, sales and money
  • Want to get a handle on systems and organisation
  • You can invest 4 – 8 hours working on the program per month, for six months. 

Program Cost:

Only $550 inc GST for this complete 6 module program. 
You have access to the program for 6 months where you can download all of the resources as you are working through the modules.

Want to find out more?

Click the link below to request a brochure which details all the business modules included in the online program that will have you on your way to setting up a success coaching business. Have more questions before you register? Contact Melanie direct and she'll be happy to answer any questions you have before you get started

Ready to get started?

If Passion to Profit sounds like the very thing you need to turn your exciting idea into a profitable business, then simply:
  1. Click the green button below to purchase ($550)
  2. Receive email confirmation of purchase and login details
  3. Log in for instant access to all modules for six months