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Free Discovery Webinar
Exploring a Career in Health and Wellness Coaching
Wednesday 24th April, 7.00pm (AEST)

Thinking of enrolling in one of our Health and Wellness Coaching Courses but still have lots of questions about our practice and industry? Join us for our upcoming discovery webinar where WCA Coach Trainer and HCANZA Board Member, Melanie White will present a 45 minute session on ‘Exploring a Career as a Health and Wellness Coach”. In this session Melanie will give you a complete 360 degree view of:

  • the status of our industry,
  • our Scope of Practice (and what you will be insured to provide under this scope),
  • Australian and international accrediting bodies who will recognise your certification,
  • how and where our graduates are successfully using Health and Wellness Coaching, and
  • how you can start your training towards becoming an Accredited Health and Wellness Coach with us.

This session is 100% free to attend with zero sales tactics. So join us and learn more about our new and emerging health practice and see if it is right for you!

Why Choose Wellness Coaching Australia?

As the longest established Health and Wellness Coach Training School in Australia, we have always been at the forefront of this emerging health field and we continue to steer Australia’s training standards to match our overseas pioneers. Through our range of accredited qualification courses, workshops and online short course programs, we have trained over 6000 students across Australia, New Zealand and overseas. Leading the field as the highest credentialed coach training school and always on the cutting edge of new developments in the industry, our experienced trainers walk the talk and care passionately about maintaining high standards in their work and supporting students as they progress through our courses.

Health and Wellness Coaching
Intensive Residential Training Program
October 13-17, 2024
Coolangatta, Gold Coast

Join us in October 2024 for our next Intensive Residential training program, to be held on the Gold Coast.  Over 4.5 days we will be taking you through the coaching competency training units that within all our qualification courses, where you’ll immerse yourself in a hands-on, practical training program while fast tracking this section of your studies by 3 to 4  months. 

Train alongside like-minded  people and share in your experience with this small group training event. Our senior trainers will take you through a program of highly participatory lectures, rich with hands-on practical learning, coaching demonstrations, case studies, role play and real-time mentoring and feedback.

Start your journey…

You have a passion for health and want to help others, but Health Coaching is so new to you? We understand the challenges with navigating through the abundant amount of information online. Let us help you better understand our practice, the industry landscape and how to choose the right training pathway to getting started.

We offer key professional programs that carry the highest recognition in the industry, both in Australia and internationally.  Health and wellness coaching is an emerging profession and has been chosen as the ideal career for many – both health and non health professionals.

Our short courses will ground you in the basics of coaching and the fundamentals or healthy lifestyle practices and either add value to your existing work or open the door to the future possibility of further training in this fascinating field.

An unmatched teaching faculty

We are proud to provide students with a highly credentialed training team not only in the field of coaching but also in the areas of health, fitness and wellness – a line-up that is unmatched by other Health and Wellness Coaching schools. Our team are not only trainers but are also health and wellness small business operators, just like you, so they understand how you can take Health and Wellness Coach Training studies into a business setting and work to inspire and support you and deliver effective training results.

Approved Training courses providing Professional Recognition for graduates with the following organisations


Industry Accredited Provider


"Studying with Wellness Coaching Australia has enabled me to change the way I work and also, to a certain extent, the way I live! I’ve found that the coaching skills that I now use with my clients are allowing me to connect with them better. They are achieving their goals more consistently by taking ownership of their reasons for change and by sticking to a plan which allow consistent, regular effort. I work in a gym setting, clinic and workplace environment predominantly with women over 40. As an Exercise Physiologist, combining my knowledge with this new approach in communication, my work is flourishing and I am reaping the benefits along with my clients, achieving success I had only dreamt of.”
Shaned Gaffney
"As a professional Nutritionist and Musculoskeletal Therapist I have witnessed numerous times the client’s inability to master sustainable change. The information I need to share with them is essential for their wellbeing, however if I cannot deliver it in a way that connects with their personal values and motivators then the results are often short lived, or don’t occur at all! How many times have you recommended an eating plan or stretching program and it isn’t correctly adopted by the client? I am seeing the benefits that coaching skills are bringing to my consultations and ultimately my clients' lives. This training has given me the tools to connect with the client’s strongest motivators and combine these with their treatment protocol - delivering better results!"
Jodie Druce