12 Days of Christmas: Coaching Business Success Stories

December is a great time to reflect on successes, lessons and insights from the year that is drawing to a close. In this article, we reflect on the growth and success we have seen in coaches who have completed their certification with us and the Passion to Profit business course offered by Melanie White.

In no particular order, here are some fabulous wins and lessons to close the year.

1. Getting a new client on TikTok

Coach graduate Nagisa Koga has had an enquiry for coaching services via TikTok! He says:
“I love encouraging others and sharing the perspective, and knowledge that help/helped me a lot in life. I enjoy doing it and showing up on social media helps me break my fear of being judged and focus more on others, not myself. So, I just want to share that with others as much as I can because there is someone who might need to hear or resonate. Just doing that pulled a lead! Also, a long time ago, I got an inquiry from FB reel before studying wellness coaching.”

2. Being authentic works best

As I teach in Passion to Profit, your best method of marketing is the one that feels most authentic and resonant. Juanita Nagai is a US ex-pat living in Japan and was wondering how to reach her market. A business coach encouraged her to use a method on Instagram that didn’t feel authentic, so Juanita decided to do what DID feel good – she started advertising free monthly webinars in several ex-pat Facebook Groups she’s in. The result? Building know, like and trust, and a handful of new clients.

3. Jodie Healy

Recent graduate Jodie Healy is working a full-time job while studying part time and has just qualified as a yoga teacher. Amongst all of this, she had a conversation with an allied health professional that crystalised her niche, and how her coaching can fill the gaps. Jodie has also met someone who has connected her with a group for yoga classes. Sometimes we can’t see how coaching will become our next career, but by being open to opportunities, we find ways to start moving toward more purposeful and inspiring work.

4. Writing a book

A retired scientist, Linda Payne graduated from the Professional Certificate Course and Passion to Profit in 2021. Now, she is excited to announce that her book 7 Steps to Heal Yourself from IBS has been released and published on Amazon available as a Kindle edition and a paperback.
With over 70 references, this book took two years to research and write. It is written as a coaching self help guide. Linda had IBS from birth and tried so many medical options with no success. Whilst she was healing, Linda decided to qualify as a Health & Wellness coach so that she could assist others suffering with IBS. The book tells the story of Linda’s work on mindset (hypnotherapy and the work and meditation of Dr Joe Dispenza), gut healing (stress and anxiety management, diet, treatment for SIBO, and faecal matter transfer.)
Linda will run a group coaching program in February 2024, using the book as a reference.

5. Launching a podcast

Recent graduate Therese Mullins is a teacher in Qld who is thinking about what’s next. She’s partnered with a friend in WA, Anne, to launch a podcast in early 2024 about planning for retirement. But it’s not just about retirement – it’s about coming to terms with a major life shift and organising and planning in five key areas so that you can enjoy a healthy third age, with purpose. This is a great way to build and engage a captive audience, prior to offering any services.

6. Partnering up for success

Coaches Rebecca Taylor and Nadine Crawford kept coaching each other after they finished their Professional Certificate course and have ended up partnering on a couple of projects.

Rebecca recently received a community award for a community-based group coaching program. “Chronic Pain Morning teas” which were developed when Rebecca was reading the 2022 Chronic Pain Survey. That survey started that 61% of people with chronic pain do not know who they should be connecting with around their pain, and that cost plays a big role.

This program works with the participants on understanding their pain (what type they have), connecting with how pain affects their health and wellbeing, what their pain team looks like and how to develop confident self-advocating skills. Nadine and Rebecca are looking into funding and are preparing a 6-week program off the back of market research and leads generated.

There are so many ways to use coaching, to start a coaching business, and to have an impact in other people’s lives. These are a few examples of what is possible, and how things can evolve.
The secret is, there is no one secret. There is only your willingness to try, to go where the energy is for you, and to create your own example and story of what is possible.

What’s the #1 goal that you will pursue in 2024?