Interesting finding in the 2024 McKinsey “Future of Wellness” survey!

The results are in from the McKinsey “Future of Wellness” survey! Last week they released their 2024 Top 5 Trends for the Global Wellness Market and there is one in particular that piqued our interest and worth sharing – “The rise of the doctor recommendation”.

“The proliferation of influencer marketing in the consumer space has created new sources of wellness information—with varying degrees of credibility. As consumers look to avoid “healthwashing” (that is, deceptive marketing that positions a product as healthier than it really is), healthcare provider recommendations are important once again.”

THIS trend is one worth focusing on particularly those who are avid followers of the latest Wellness trends.

For many of us in the Health and Wellness Coaching space WE understand the immense benefits of having a Health Coach within the patient-centred approach that all GP’s (and Allied Health Professionals) should be providing. And we see the amazing impact this has in the patient’s long term health change in amazing Integrative Health and Functional Medicine Clinics and Holistic Wellness Centre across Australia (shout out to Liv brown and the team of health coaches at Melbourne Functional Medicine).

But what about the thousands GP’s, Physicians and Allied Health professionals in health clinics across Australia’s who have yet to understand and embrace just how powerful our practice can be in shaping the future of their patient’s health, preventing disease and setting them up for a change in lifestyle that will enable them to age gracefully.

This is why it is hugely important as Health and Wellness Coaches that we continue to build relationships and networks with healthcare providers in your catchment area. Educate them on the benefits their patients will receive from including a Health Coach into the patient-centered process. Explain how their referral and endorsement of you will help build patient confidence that engaging a coach WILL help them set a new lifestyle path that will curb the current lifestyle driven health symptoms they are experiencing.

It is also important to get behind our industry body, the Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand Association (HCANZA), by becoming a financial member, as they are focused on driving change at the top level within the Health Care system so that in years to come we will all benefit from our practice being within the main stream health care system.

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