Understanding Stress - for you and your clients

Date: 31-Dec-2099



Understanding Stress - for you and your clients


This is a self study course where you can commence at anytime. After registering online you will have access to the first week's work of lessons.


Written for the Wellness Coach or client, this course provides a thorough understanding of what is now the cause of numerous physical and psychological ailments that detract from the quality and satisfaction of so many people’s lives.

This course works through a basic understanding of what stress is and how it can affect people and looks at the actual physical and psychological responses and potential long term effects if left untreated. In an attempt to shed light on the unique and individual causes and responses to stress, we include many tools that will increase awareness of how stress exhibits itself and indeed where it originates in any one person. We will then explore the many ways of handling stress which include both physical and mental strategies which are so often written about separately.

The course concludes with a focus on life management skills which include the way we live and deal with the many demands placed on us and how taking the time to connect with people and our environment can be hugely beneficial in turning stress around.


Approximately 10 hours of study. 

Course Delivery:

This is an eLearning style course. This 6 week course will be delivered through weekly emails consisting of 1-2 lesson per week. Each lesson consists of an online video and lesson guide which is the main course text for the course.  If you want fast track through the lessons, please contact our office after registering at info@wellnesscoachingaustralia.com.au and they can provide all 6 weeks of lessons at once. 
Course Fee:


Industry Accreditation

  • 5 CECs with Fitness Australia

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