Concepts of Physical Activity for Optimal Health

Date: 31-Dec-2099



Concepts of Physical Activity for Optimal Health


This is a self study course where you can commence at anytime. After registering you will receive digital course materials and assessment workbook to commence straight away. 


Concepts of Physical Fitness for Optimal Health covers the basic principles of physical activity for healthy living that a health or wellness coach needs to understand when working with clients to achieve goals that may include aspects of movement. Students will come away with an understanding of the benefits of being active for optimal health and prevention of lifestyle related diseases. 

The components of fitness will be explained and an overview of the different energy systems the body utilises and how to measure training intensity. The course will help students identify clients who would be advised to gain medical clearance before adding exercise to their change program due to medical risk factors. They will also become familiar with the guidelines for working with special populations. The role of physical activity in weight control and current recommendations in this area will be discussed. The content is not intended to be used for exercise prescription but to gain an understanding of when a client may be undertaking goals that are unsafe in any way.


Approximately 20 hours of study. 

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Course text is provided as a digital copy that is emailed to you following your registration. Phone and email support team are available to answer your questions. 
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