Healthy Nutrition for Life

Date: 31-Dec-2099



Healthy Nutrition for Life


This is a self study course where you can commence at anytime. After registering you will receive digital course materials and assessment workbook to commence straight away. 


Healthy Nutrition for Life introduces the basic nutrition information and guidelines that a health or wellness coach should have an understanding of so they can assist clients in their wellness goals. The content examines the role of a wellness coach in nutrition and highlights situations where clients should be referred to an appropriate allied health professional. You will learn about the functions and food sources of the macro and micro nutrients, the Australian Healthy Eating guidelines and the relationship between diet and chronic disease. The course will enable the wellness coach to help clients to understand the importance of balancing the major nutrients and develop good dietary practices.

Healthy Nutrition for Life will assist the Wellness Coach to distinguish sound nutritional information from unreliable nutritional information and to develop the ability to discuss behavioural changes that improve dietary intake. Information provided in the course identifies positive food habits and behaviours and examines common myths and fallacies concerning diet. Weight and weight loss are complex issues; the information provided on this area seeks to guide the wellness coach in understanding the multifaceted nature of a weight problem and to guide their clients appropriately. 


Approximately 32 hours of study. 

Course Delivery:

Course text is provided as a digital copy that is emailed to you following your registration. Phone and email support team are available to answer your questions. 
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