Level 3 Wellness Coaching Course commences 31 May, 2021

Date: 31-May-2021


Professional Studies in Wellness Coaching


Level 3 - Professional Studies in Wellness Coaching

Start Date:

Commences Monday 31st May 2021

Course Length:

14 weeks structured training course (part time study)

Methods of Delivery:

  • Self-Study – A mix of reading prescribed text, watching of videos and other activities. Self-study also includes the completion of a reflective journal during the course.
  • Webinars - 10 x 60-75 minute live webinars will be held which address specific topics. The webinars will include live role plays as well as educational content.  
  • Coaching Circles - Students will work in a duo or triad to practice use of coaching skills and gain proficiency in the practical elements of this style of communication.
  • Case Study - Students will be asked to coach a client for a minimum of three sessions throughout the duration of the course and write a report on the experience.
  • Face to face learning – the one day workshop held in week 9 has been cancelled due to COVID with potential snap lockdowns and border restrictions. We will be transition this 8 hour workshop sessions over to 2 x 4 hour live webinars end of week 9 and week 10. 
  • One on One Mentoring Sessions - during the course each student will receive 1 hour private mentoring session to provide personalised support. One of our trainers will sit in on one of your coaching circle sessions and provide feedback.


Level 1 and Level 2 Wellness Coaching Training with Wellness Coaching Australia.

Course Overview:

Level 3 – Professional Studies in Wellness Coaching, is the ideal program for those seeking to work as a professional Wellness Coach in a variety of environments whether this is in education, a medical setting, the corporate world, or in the fitness industry in a clearly defined Wellness Coach capacity.

Level 3 builds on the knowledge gained in Level 1 and 2, exploring both the practical and theoretical elements of coaching, focusing on increasing competency and confidence to practice as a professional Wellness Coach. On completion of this course students will come away with:
  • A greater knowledge of the background of coaching as a means of creating change.
  • The ability to use core coaching skills effortlessly in creating a relationship that optimises positivity and results.
  • A deeper understanding and insight into the use of positive psychology to improve both the individual and society’s well being.
  • A format for running coaching sessions and programs that is simple, effective and reproducible without the need for extensive preparation or anxiety,
  • Experience in how to work with clients who show strong or subtle resistance to change and the skill of engaging these clients in their own change journey.
  • The foundation for a business plan and the knowledge of how to go about setting up their own coaching business or promote their services within the corporate arena.
  • A good understanding of how to run group programs and the opportunity to license a carefully designed exciting new group program under the banner of Wellness Coaching Australia.

Industry Accreditation


  • 15 CEC's with Fitness Australia
  • 15 CPD's with ESSA

Course Fee

$500 deposit only required at the time of enrolling. The balance of the course fee is payable as a payment plan over the 14 weeks of the course.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of a booking cancellation, the following refund schedule will apply:
a) Cancellation 4 weeks or more prior to the course start date = full refund  
b) Cancellation less than 4 weeks prior to the course start date = forfeiture of your $500 deposit and if any additional payments were received this balance will be refunded.
c) Cancellation once the course has commenced = no refunds applicable and forfeiture of any payments received.

In the event of a booking date change, the following administration fee schedule will apply:
a) Date change request 4 weeks or more prior to the course start date = No charge
b) Date change request less than 4 weeks prior to the course start date = $75 + the difference in price between original booking and new booking (if applicable).
c) Date change request once the course has commenced = change of dates no longer accepted and standard cancellation policy would apply.

Level 3 - deposit - 500

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