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Date: 25-May-2021


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Tuesday 25th May 2021, 7.00pm AEST (Syd/Melb local time). 

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ZOOM (free online access)


As you start coaching, your thoughts logically turn to setting up a coaching business. But coaching is SO different from other businesses. 

You offer a very personal, intangible service build on trust and rapport. How do you do that, and stand out as a leader, not an ‘expert’?

How exactly do you:
- Build an authentic (not salesy) business? 
- Attract the right kind of client? 
- Be easy to find?
- Stand out as the obvious choice?
- Develop a clear message?
- Build a great reputation?
- Be seen as a professional?
- Get new clients?
- Help solve tangible problems so clients get great results?
- Earn a decent living through coaching?

If you feel like business is hard, marketing is scary, sales fill you with dread and you’re wondering how to attract clients and earn a decent income from coaching….

…I’m here to help you bust those beliefs and get started.  

Passion to Profit blends traditional business strategies with your coaching skills to build a profitable business.You’ll have clarity, confidence and a business that feels authentic, effortless and enjoyable.

Passion to Profit teaches the foundational elements of business through six modules, including:
  • Vision, niche and business feasibility
  • Brand identity, position and marketing basics
  • Business model, packaging and pricing
  • Coaching program content
  • Traffic, leads, funnels and sales
  • Systems basics
Our live webinar training steps you through each module. You stay connected and on track through a live Facebook group, where you get to practice skills and run ideas past people in a safe, confidential environment.

The online portal and workbook to help you map out and implement your business plan. There are plenty of templates and resources, too!

Here’s what people are saying:
‘Great content, great delivery, great follow up when asked for more info or resources’

‘I found the webinars incredibly useful as well as the constant support from Melanie. Also, the templates are fantastic!’

‘The content was very helpful and relevant to do with start up coaching business’

Passion to Profit is best suited to you if you’ve got a coaching business idea (or existing business to build on) and have conducted a few coaching sessions with clients.

If you’re interested, or curious about how Passion to Profit could help you create a profitable and successful business, you have 3 options:
  1. Enrol in the next program intake commencing June 7: CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR PLACE 
  2. Ask questions, CLICK HERE TO BOOK A 15 MINUTE CHAT
  3. Register for this FREE information session on May 25 by selecting the BOOK NOW button below.


Melanie White is a Wellness Coach and business systems developer for WCA. After 13 years in a corporate role as co-Founder and General Manager of a mid-sized Environmental Consultancy, Melanie realised what she really loved was empowering people to be their best. 

Melanie succession-planned herself out of the firm over two years, then moved to NSW to pursue her passion.  

Since starting a new life in a new town with no contacts, Melanie has carved out her own successful niche in food and wellness coaching. She works with WCA as a Business Coach and Coach Mentor, runs her own wellness coaching business (with licensees).

Melanie has an Honours Degree in Biology, Cert III and IV in Personal Training, WellCoaches USA (WellCoaches) 2014, WCA Level 3 coaching, Accredited Certificate of Nutrition; Metabolic Typing Advisor Level 1.

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