Vital Lifestyle Coaching  

54 Commercial Rd, Prahran, Vic 3181
Phone:  1300 845 612
Mobile: 0419 321 147

About me:

Jason Nikakis is a Wellness Coach with over 23 years experience in the health & wellness industry.

Jason is passionate about helping people reach their full potential for wellbeing. By taking a collaborative approach, he believes in achieving dreams, challenging one’s individual limits and becoming the best you can be. Overcoming challenges will make you a stronger individual and lead you to a new level of personal satisfaction and life experience.

Jason will provide a kind of support distinct from any other. Through a combination of autonomy and accountability you will find your path to healthy lifestyle change. The feeling is being vital.

Work with me:

At Vital Lifestyle we are committed to: “Inspiring & facilitating health change helping people reach their full potential”. Although people come to coaching for their own unique reasons, 12 themes are commonly cited as to why they make the decision to invest in working with a wellness, health, or fitness coach.

  1. Quick fixes are over - “I’m done with quick fixes and want to make changes that last.”
  2. Precious asset - “I have decided that health is my most precious asset and I’m ready to invest for the long term.”
  3. Get off the fence - “I am fed up with sitting on a fence and want to commit to a wellness path.”
  4. Not about weight - “I realise that it’s about wellness not weight”
  5. Be the boss - “I want to be the boss of my health and wellness and quit delegating responsibility to others.”
  6. Health style - “I’d like to develop my unique health style rather than one size fits all approaches.”
  7. Mental game - “I know what to do and now want to master the mental game, turning intention into reality.”
  8. Peak performance - “I recognise that to reach peak performance at home and work I need peak wellness.”
  9. Big picture/ Small steps - “ I know that an extreme makeover isn’t the answer and I want to make small steps that are powerful.”
  10. Confidence - “I’m finished with self doubt and want to build confidence in my ability to master wellness.”
  11. Winning the wellness game - “I want to focus on winning the wellness game and not losing or quitting.”
  12. Close the Gap - “I want to close the gap between where I am and where I want to be when it comes to health, fitness and wellbeing.”

Areas of specialty:

Vital Lifestyle Coaching stands for:
  • Vitality and empowerment of the individual
  • Personal responsibility & accountability
  • Honesty & integrity
  • Coaching, mentoring and leadership in health & well-being
I work with middle- aged professionals who have struggled maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Often this means they don’t have the knowledge or tools, workable plan of action, accountability and support to create long term healthy change.

If you are serious about changing your behaviour, taking action and reclaiming “your vital lifestyle,” I am keen to support your wellness journey 


  • Level 3 Certified Wellness Coaching (Wellness Coaching Australia)
  • Certificate IV in Fitness
  • Certificate IV In Workplace Training & Assessment