Sydney NSW
Mobile: 0406627270

About me:

I am a passionate and engaging professional who gets immense satisfaction out of setting others up for success. I bring a unique perspective to wellness coaching shaped by my background in corporate Human Resources and am experienced in facilitating positive outcomes for people. I specialise in combining the principles of wellbeing with my expertise in guiding individuals to effectively manage stress in their professional lives. My focus is helping individuals to build resilience, limit the effects of stress in the workplace and improve their overall sense of wellbeing.

Work with me:

My services are designed to be an inclusive and genuine experience to enable you to understand the sources of your stress, learn new techniques, create actions and gain confidence in putting your wellbeing first!

  • Stress & Wellbeing Workshops - Tailored stress management and wellbeing workshops for a variety of business and corporate environments across all organisational sizes. These workshops are designed to be bite-size (1.5 hour) sessions where participants can take the time to learn about the importance of managing stress and how improving focus on wellbeing can improve their performance in both their professional and personal lives.
  • Private One to One Coaching - These sessions and packages are focused on managing stress and improving wellbeing holistically. Sessions are designed to allow you to unpack obstacles and create achievable goals over a 3-month period. Sessions are delivered over the phone, Skype or in person for Sydney based clients.
  • Group Coaching Sessions – These are designed to enable a shared coaching experience in a small group setting with a common wellness based theme. These sessions are 1 hour and can be tailored to suit the needs of the participants in terms of activities and content. 
  • Career Guidance Conversations -  Designed to unpack confusion and anxiety about your corporate career and explore the best ways to move forward. This conversation will be focused on diffusing built up stress in relation to anxiety around any aspect of your career. 

Areas of specialty:

  • Practical stress management 
  • Resilience and performance principles
  • Workplace wellness – being well at work 
  • Holistic wellbeing awareness 
  • Focused career guidance


  • Level 3 Certified Wellness Coaching with Wellness Coaching Australia
  • Professional Certificate of Wellness Coaching – Wellness Coaching Australia 
  • Understanding Stress for You and Your Clients Certificate Course - Wellness Coaching Australia
  • Certificate of Healthy Body Weight Nutrition – Beck Health & Nutrition
  • Certificate in Coaching Skills for Managers – Sydney University
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Major in Human Resources with the Bachelor of Commerce – Macquarie University