If you are passionate about helping people make positive health and lifestyle change and looking for a course that delivers extensive and hands on practical coach training skills, then our Professional Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching is ideal for you.

This training pathway is aimed at providing you with a holistic approach to working with clients on health behaviour change and provide you with the requirements to gain your registration and insurance to work as a Health and Wellness Coach (without having completed any prior studies).

As the leading Health and Wellness Coach training organisation in Australia, our Professional Certificate Program will provide you with professional coach skills that meet international standards as well as fundamental knowledge in key areas of health and wellness including stress management (society's number 1 health killer), you will be more than equipped to implement coaching with individual clients face to face or over the phone, a group coaching program format or an online program within your own business, your current clinic or practice or workplace organisational role.

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A certificate program with no pre-requisites required

This pathway is ideal for:

  • people who have a strong interest in the Health and Wellness Coach area and may not have prior qualifications in health or fitness,
  • existing Health, Fitness and Wellness Professionals looking to broaden their current practice and adopt a coaching approach to their method of working with clients.
Upon successful completion of the program, you will have the ability to work with clients as an internationally recognised Health and Wellness Coach and gain professional insurance to work as a coach, focusing on health behaviour change for optimal and long term health outcomes. This course will enable you to assist clients in reaching and permanently maintaining a healthier lifestyle through activity, healthy eating habits and all while using a step by step structured coaching approach.

Choose Australia's leading Wellness Coach Training School

As the leading Health and Wellness Coach training organisation in Australia, our professional certification have the highest practical coach training hours of any Health and Wellness Coaching course available today with optional workshop delivery if you thrive on face to face learning. We understand that giving you hands on training time with our team of leading coach trainers will empower you with the skills to coach clients to better health through our structured  approach.