Now that you are trained and feel confident to begin coaching, where and how do you begin in a coaching business? 

There are several steps that need to be taken before you can "hang out your shingle" and we can help you work through a system to create a profitable business that best showcases who you are and what you offer. 

We have some experienced team members who have set up and run successful businesses, including coaching businesses.
You will work with a mentor over (generally) 1 – 6 sessions on the key areas of importance in your business, so you can create a feasible, profitable, enjoyable and successful business. 

Typical sessions could cover:
  • Setting up a new business – fundamentals 
  • Creating a blueprint for developing and running your business, incorporating
  • Discovering your niche – who is your ideal client, is the niche viable?
  • Defining your business vision, mission and values
  • Developing a business model
  • Developing a service offering, including packaging and pricing
  • Market analysis – competitor analysis, SWOT and PEST
  • Developing systems to run your business
  • Networking
  • Marketing strategies and platforms, leads and sales
We work on any or all areas that are relevant to you (as you might have experience in some areas, or an existing business, so we are aiming to fill the gaps and gear you up to full productivity).

Business Mentoring Fees

  • $120 for a 1 hour session
  • $300 for a 3 pack of pre-paid 1 hour sessions

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