Do you want to create a ‘client-magnet’ kind of business, but know you have a lot to learn?

Wellness Coaching Australia delivers a series of monthly online business workshops that close your knowledge gaps, stop you procrastinating, and develop the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to take your business forward.

The workshops aim to help you understand exactly what you need to do create a successful business, and be part of a professional, respected and successful industry.

Two types of online business masterclasses

  • Business training workshops that go cover the specific ‘how-to’ details on a single topic, and
  • Information workshops that give a broad understanding and strategy for specific areas of business.
Whether it’s visioning, branding, generating leads or putting your program together, we aim to help you understand the specific skills or get the big picture understanding of how things work, so that you can put that into action in your own business. After all, information is great, but it’s useless without implementation.

These workshops aim to help you answer the important questions like:
  • Will my idea make money with coaching?
  • How can I narrow my niche?
  • How should I package and price my services?
  • Where can I get clients, and who are they?
  • Where do I start with marketing?
  • How can I confidently and comfortably close 80% of sales? 
There are so many skills to master in order to run a successful business. But if you get the basics right, you create a rock solid foundation from which your business will grow.

What’s unique about these workshops? They are typically ‘experiential’, so you can
  • see things from the client’s point of view and understand exactly how to attract clients to your business, and
  • create an plan to actually implement and see the benefits of what you’ve learned. 

About your Business Coach - Melanie White

The webinars are delivered by Melanie White; coach trainer and business mentor with WCA. Having built a multimillion dollar business from scratch in Perth and created her own successful coaching business, Melanie injects her knowledge, experience and passion for business into every session. 

Melanie White is a Wellness Coach and business systems developer for WCA. After 13 years in a corporate role as co-Founder and General Manager of a mid-sized Environmental Consultancy, Melanie realised what she really loved was empowering people to be their best. As someone who loves the process of change herself, Melanie subsequently succession-planned herself out of the firm over two years, then moved to NSW to pursue her passion.  Since starting a new life in a new town with no contacts, Melanie has carved out her own successful niche in food and wellness coaching. She works with WCA as a Business Coach and Coach Mentor, runs her own food coaching business (with licensees), and personal coaching business.

Melanie has an Honours Degree in Biology, Cert III and IV in Personal Training, WellCoaches USA (WellCoaches) 2014, Accredited Certificate of Nutrition and Metabolic Typing Advisor Level 1.

Online Business Workshop Fees

Upcoming Online Business Workshops

6th February 2019  Topic: How to Write and Publish a Recipe Book register now 
9th April 2019  Topic: Copywriting Offers that Sell  register now
28th May 2019  Topic: Creating a Signature Workshop register now 
13th August 2019  Topic: No-Brainer Pricing for Coaching Services register now
24th September 2019  Topic: 90 Days Business Plan register now 
19th November 2019   Topic: Beginner's Guide to Marketing register now 

Want to find out more?

Have more questions before you register? Contact Melanie direct and she'll be happy to answer any questions you have before you get started