Knowledge is the key to being an amazing Health and Wellness Coach. When you are working with a client in a coaching session, you continually draw from your health "toolkit" to provide them with options and choices for them to consider when creating and implementing their wellness plan. The larger your knowledge base in multiple areas of health fitness and wellness, the better equipped you will be as a coach to work through all the various areas of their lifestyle. The key is to never stop learning.

To help you in building your knowledge toolkit, we offer a number of short courses for current and past students to enrol in, brought to you by some of Australia's leading health, fitness and wellness training organisations. We will continue to have more courses available to our students so check back in from time to time and see what courses may be of interest to you.

Some of these courses are also individual subjects within our Professional Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching, so if choose to undertake these as standalone courses now and plan to upgrade into the Professional Certificate at a later date, you will receive a credit for these subjects - reducing your course fee and course duration. 

Understanding Stress - for you and your clients

Written for the Wellness Coach or client, this course provides a thorough understanding of what is now the cause of numerous physical and psychological ailments that detract from the quality and satisfaction of so many people’s lives. This course works through a basic understanding of what stress is and how it can affect people and looks at the actual physical and psychological responses and potential long term effects if left untreated. In an attempt to shed light on the unique and individual causes and responses to stress, we include many tools that will increase awareness of how stress exhibits itself and indeed where it originates in any one person. We will then explore the many ways of handling stress which include both physical and mental strategies which are so often written about separately. The course concludes with a focus on life management skills which include the way we live and deal with the many demands placed on us and how taking the time to connect with people and our environment can be hugely beneficial in turning stress around.  

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Healthy Nutrition for Life

Healthy Nutrition for Life gives an insight into nutrition and lifestyle strategies that will help people manage body weight and improve their dietary intake. You will develop an understanding of the relationship between healthy eating and health and wellness and be able to assist clients in making choices that support this relationship. The latest dietary trends are explored as well as the facts from the fallacies that exist in this complex and controversial field. Industry standards and national dietary guidelines are discussed as well as when to refer clients on for further consultations

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Concepts of Physical Activity for Optimal Health

Concepts of Physical Fitness for Optimal Health covers the basic principles of physical activity for healthy living that a health or wellness coach needs to understand when working with clients to achieve goals that may include aspects of movement. Students will come away with an understanding of the benefits of being active for optimal health and prevention of lifestyle related diseases. 

The components of fitness will be explained and an overview of the different energy systems the body utilises and how to measure training intensity. The course will help students identify clients who would be advised to gain medical clearance before adding exercise to their change program due to medical risk factors. They will also become familiar with the guidelines for working with special populations. The role of physical activity in weight control and current recommendations in this area will be discussed. The content is not intended to be used for exercise prescription but to gain an understanding of when a client may be undertaking goals that are unsafe in any way.

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