Are you worried about your drinking? Are your drinking habits starting to impact your health, relationships or work? Do you have clients who feel they would like to drink less on a regular basis?
The Drink Less Mind 7 day program is designed for people who recognise that they have started to drink too much alcohol and would like to learn how to drink less. This proven program is not about going teetotal, it is about learning how to reduce your regular alcohol consumption, easily and effortlessly.

Created by world renowned Clinical Hypnotherapist, Georgia Foster, the Drink Less Mind is a powerful on-line program that trains the brain to drink less alcohol by taking you through a series of 14 audio lessons over 7 days, presented by Georgia herself. 

Tens of thousands of people around the world have been positively impacted by the Drink Less Mind Program through helping them to reduce the volume of alcohol they consume and in turn have helped them become happier, healthier and in more control of their life. 


Start benefiting today from reducing your alcohol intake including:

  • Avoid serious health problems
  • Sleep better
  • Save money
  • Weight Loss
  • Improve Self-esteem
  • Avoid emotional breakdowns
  • Improve performance at work 

Online Program Fee

$US 79.97
  • Includes 14 hours of life-changing material, to listen to when suits, throughout seven unforgettable days.
  • Fully downloadable audio you can listen to anywhere.
  • A fully private, safe and supportive service.
  • Risk-free purchase, with our 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Lifetime Access, full access to the programme for as long as you need.

About Georgia Foster

Since 1995, Georgia has been working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Voice Dialogue trainer. Over the years she have worked with 1000s of people to help them with a whole range of issues from alcohol, food, phobias, anxieties, self-esteem and many other concerns. Her unique approach to hypnosis has been featured in many newspapers, magazines and on TV globally and has allowed her to take her programs.