Are you a Health or Wellness professional looking to pivot your current role, and looking to expand this into Health and Wellness Coaching? Is it your vision to possess advanced coaching skills that will enable you to work professionally with clients and experience the fulfillment of helping people create lasting health and lifestyle change? To develop a robust coaching program that can be applied with individual clients or in a group coaching format specific to the industry or health and wellness setting you wish to work in?

If the answer is YES then the Level 3 – Professional Studies in Wellness Coaching is the ideal program for you.

Past Level 3 graduates are working in their private business, implementing programs in the corporate sector, creating new service programs to their current fitness profession and those with prior qualifications in Allied Health or Nursing are implementing Health and Wellness Coaching programs within their clinics for patients with chronic illness and for preventative care. The possibilities are endless and the need for good coaches in the area of lifestyle change is great.

Completion of the level 3 training, coupled with an advanced Diploma/Bachelor degree or higher in a health related area, will enable you to gain your Professional Recognition with the Health Coaches Association - Australia and New Zealand and apply for professional insurance to work in this capacity. 

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If you do not have a prior health qualification, you are still welcome to continue onto this level of coach training after completing Levels 1 and 2 to continue to learn this new skillset at an advanced level, however you would not meet the training requirements to be qualified to work as a Health and Wellness Coach. You would need to undertake one of our full qualification courses, Professional Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching or the Diploma of Health and Wellness Coaching (10641NAT).

Competencies and Learning Outcomes

Level 3 builds on the knowledge gained in Level 1 and 2, providing advanced practical coach training skills and further exploring the theoretical elements of coaching, focusing on increasing competency and confidence to practice as a professional Health and Wellness Coach. On completion of this course students will come away with:

  • A greater knowledge of the background of coaching as a means of creating change.
  • The ability to use core coaching skills effortlessly in creating a relationship that optimises positivity and results.
  • A deeper understanding and insight into the use of positive psychology to improve both the individual and society’s well being.
  • A format for running coaching sessions and programs that is simple, effective and reproducible without the need for extensive preparation or anxiety,
  • Experience in how to work with clients who show strong or subtle resistance to change and the skill of engaging these clients in their own change journey.
  • The foundation for a business plan and the knowledge of how to go about setting up their own coaching business or promote their services within the corporate arena.
  • A good understanding of how to run group programs and the opportunity to license a carefully designed exciting new group program under the banner of Wellness Coaching Australia.

Successful completion of Level 1 and Level 2 Wellness Coaching are a pre-requisite to undertaking the Level 3 course.

Course Modules:

 1. Fundamentals of Coaching Psychology   1 week 
 2. Coaching Relationship Skills  2 weeks
 3. Conducting Sessions  2 weeks
 4. Positive Psychology  2 weeks
 5. Working with Ambivalence  2 weeks
 6. The Many Faces of Coaching  2 weeks
 7. Behaviour Change Models and the Science of Habits  1 week
 8. Creative and Effective Goal setting and the Theory of Motivation        1 week
 Wrap up week        1 week

Course Length: 

14 week blended learning program (approximately 8 hours a week). 

Course Pre-requisites

Level 3 Applicants must have undertaken the pre-requisite Level 1 and Level 2 Wellness Coach Training with Wellness Coaching Australia. 

You can enrol in a Level 3 course without having formally completed your Level 1 and 2 assessments however these must be completed within the first 2 weeks of commencing Level 3. 

Industry Accredited

Level 3 Wellness Coaching is accredited with as ongoing education with the following industry bodies:

  • 15 CECs with Fitness Australia - you must have a Certificate IV in Fitness or equivalent to attain Fitness Australia CECs.
  • 15 CPDs with ESSA 

Course Investment:

$1750 ($500 deposit payable at the time of enrolling)

Methods of Delivery - Blended Learning Format:

Level 3 is blended learning format however is primarily distance education course, making this ideal for anyone living overseas or in regional Australia – even if you travel extensively for work or pleasure, you can complete the course on the road!

  • Self-Study – A mix of reading prescribed text, watching of videos and other activities.
  • Webinars - 10 live webinars (60-75 minutes duration) will be held which address specific topics. The webinars will include live role plays as well as educational content.  
  • Coaching Circles - Working in a duo or triad, you'll to practice the use of coaching skills and gain proficiency in the practical elements. Atleast one of these group sessions will receive live feedback from a coach trainer. 
  • Case Study - Students will be asked to coach a client for a minimum of three sessions throughout the duration of the course.
  • Face to face learning – one day workshop in week 9 of the course. Workshop locations rotate between Sydney and Melbourne depending on the intake. It is strongly recommended that you attend the workshop but if you cannot, you will be considered a distance education student and will complete the lessons presented at the workshop as flexible learning, however, most of this is practical, hence the advantage of attending.
  • One on One Mentoring Calls – During the course you will receive a private mentoring call from your course concierge and coach trainer (times booked in with you in advance) giving you the opportunity for one-on-one tuition.

Teaching Faculty

Course modules and webinars will be presented by different members of our training team, giving you contact time with some of Australia’s leading coach trainers to assist in developing and harnessing your coaching skills and business development.

Upcoming Course Intake Dates

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Level 3 Graduate Testimonials and Stories

We are always keen to hear more about how our Level 3 graduates are using the knowledge and practical training they have gained from our Level 3 course. Here are some great testimonials from our past graduates as to their personal experience undertaking the Level 3 Professional Studies in Wellness Coaching as well as updates on what they are up to now.