Level 4 Wellness Coach Training for the Health & Fitness Professional

If you are looking for a pathway to tertiary level qualifications, completing Level 4 - Implementation of Wellness Coaching Programs will allow you to meet the training requirements to potentially gain Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to a select group of tertiary courses. Successful completion of Levels 1, 2 and 3 are a requirement to enter this course and meet the training hours to RPL. Level 4 will allow you to put the practical and theoretical learning into practice and become part of developing this new and essential profession.

Course Modules:

The course requirements consist of three components:
1) Independent Project (23 hours)
Students will be asked to choose an independent project of their choice which focuses on delivery of a wellness coaching service to both a group and set of individuals within an organisation, a community or other collective group. They will be required to prepare a comprehensive report that includes a proposal to be delivered to the decision maker in the organisation. The proposal will set out all details of how the program will run, and explain why the coaching program will be of benefit to the specific demographic chosen and how the end results will be measured. They will be asked to support their proposal by citing evidence-based research that can justify the potential benefits of such a program.

Students have the option of running a group program and documenting all steps along the way in terms of participants’ goals, progress and experience.

2) Case Study (10 hours)
Students will work with a client over a period of 8 weeks with 6 hours of contact coaching either in person or by phone and will include 4 hours of reporting. During this time they will be asked to keep comprehensive case notes on the client’s progress and their performance as a coach. Worksheets will be provided for this assignment and full reporting required at the end.  Students will have discussion with a supervisor during the course of the coaching program.

3) Coaching Log (12 hours)
Each student will be required to keep a log of coaching hours to total 10 on top of the case study described in 2) above and provide full case notes as for the case study described above. Clients may be contacted to confirm the details of the coaching arrangement.

Course Length: 

45 hour training course

Course Investment:


Methods of Delivery:

Level 4 is self-paced. Approval must be granted for the project the student wishes to undertake and a supervisor will be assigned to each student. Written material is expected to be at a post graduate standard with full referencing style in both the body of the report and final reference list.

Pathway to Tertiary Level Qualification:

Wellness Coaching Australia is an approved RPL trainer provider for the RMIT Graduate Diploma in Wellness program. Upon successful completion of Level 1,2,3 and 4 (125 hours), you will be eligible to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning for the Wellness Coaching module in this program.   This would then exempt you from having to complete that particular subject. Please note that entry into the Graduate Diploma  has to be applied for and RMIT will have stringent requirements that are completely independent from Wellness Coaching Australia.

To find out more about the Level 4 course, please express your interest through the link below and we will send you a full course syllabus. Please note, you must have successfully completed Levels 1 to 3 before you can enroll in this course. 

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