Professional Recognition to work as a Health and Wellness Coach

In Australia there is currently no industry membership body specifically for Health and Wellness Coaching. For graduates looking for professional recognition following their studies, we currently sit under the broader "Complementary Therapy" industry. 

Wellness Coaching Australia is an approved training provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists(IICT), where once you have completed our training and met the membership criteria, you can apply for your professional membership directly through their website. IICT is an independent membership body for the wellness industry whose course endorsement will allow you to gain professional insurance under the service category of Health and Wellness Coaching. We recommend AON insurance who provide insurance policies for a large range of health, fitness and natural therapy occupations.

IICT have offices in more than 26 countries across the globe, allowing your membership with them to have a global reach.

"I am a registered Health, Fitness or Wellness Professional already working under my industry membership. Would I benefit from also apply for recognition with IICT?"

If you have undertaken one of our coaching workshops or short courses with the view to add the coaching skill set to your current profession, (not work as a Professional Health and Wellness Coach) you can still choose to apply for membership with the IICT so that your Health and Wellness Coaching modality is recognised by them. 

To be eligible, you need to have successfully completed Level 1 and Level 2 Wellness Coach training courses (minimum) together with a prior health, fitness or wellness qualification which may include:

  • Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer, 
  • Exercise Physiologist and Physiotherapists
  • Dietitian/Nutritionist, 
  • Naturopath, Herbalists, Chinese Medicine and Holistic Health practitioners
  • Nursing
  • and other Allied health professionals 

In the application process you must be able to provide copies of your course certifications.  

Pathway to International Certification with the ICHWC

The Professional Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching is an approved training program with the International Consortium of Health and Wellness Coaches (ICHWC) giving students the eligibility to apply and sit the National Board Certification exam and become a “Board Certified” Health and Wellness Coach - the highest qualification internationally for the Health and Wellness Coaching field. If this international certification pathway is of interest following completion of our course, please contact us for more information whether additional training requirements there may be and other pre-requisites you may need to hold before submitting your application (fees apply). One main pre-requisite in additional to completing an approved training course is completion of a certain number of work experience hours (not specific to coaching). For more information visit the ICHWC website or contact our office.

Industry Accreditation

Wellness Coaching Australia is accredited with many health, fitness and Wellness bodies in Australia and overseas including the International Coaching Federation, giving you access to ongoing professional education hours/credits. Here are just some of the industry bodies our workshops, short courses and certification programs are accredited by: