(Level 1 – Foundations of Wellness Coaching)

Although many people enrol in our health and wellness coach training because they want to become a coach, there are many others who gain a considerable advantage in their chosen health profession by simply learning to communicate better with their clients. The Coaching Communication Skills Training program will improve your business and probably, your life!

What you will learn:

The program will enhance your communication skills that will enable you to:

  • Increase your clients’ engagement
  • Increase commitment and adherence to your “program” which will lead to better results
  • Sell programs not sessions, leading to an increase in fees
  • Obtain more referrals through greater client satisfaction
  • Build a strong business with recurring income
  • Stand out from the rest by having a significant point of difference


  • By learning the skills that successful coaches use to effect long lasting change
  • By connecting through a specific conversational style that uses a coaching approach, rather than an expert prescriptive approach
  • Through applying and mastering the skills of motivational interviewing
  • By helping clients discover their reasons for change and tapping into drivers that engage emotions not just intellect
  • Learning to sell programs that take the client on a journey which will result in more comprehensive outcomes rather than just treating an injury, or improving one aspect of their health
  • This will lead to longer term program adherence versus per session attendance
  • Learn to help clients see how your service fits into a bigger picture that focuses on overall health, wellness and vitality rather than an isolated problem or symptom. 

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What does it cover?

You will come to understand why the “expert” role is not working and why people need to be empowered to facilitate change towards their self determined goals 

Our role is to help increase our client’s confidence in their ability to succeed. You will learn four evidence-based ways of achieving this.

How to move from “telling” the client what to do to by using the skills and principles of coaching to connect and engage with them. Learn when and how to deliver expert information so that the client has a choice and takes ownership.

So your client seems stuck?  They want to change but seem ambivalent about taking the necessary steps.  We will show you have using principles from Motivational Interviewing you can help a client explore what might be stopping them and instead of pushing them into further resistance, allow them to resolve their ambivalence.The days of pushing against a brick wall are over!

Learn how to positive psychology to change our client’s language and experience of our time with them.  By increasing positive emotions. We see a marked change in a client’s sense of hope and optimism for a successful result and ability to bounce back from setbacks.

You’ve explored the what and the why of a client’s mind, now it’s time for the how.  Learn how behavioural goalsetting is far more effective than outcome goalsetting for long lasting lifestyle change.

How essential it is for our clients to identify exactly what they want to change and more important, why they want it!  This crucial section is all about tapping into their values, finding their deepest motivators and helping them move past former and future obstacles to success.

Discover how to use an assessment tool as a way of connecting rather than a diagnostic tool.  Start the relationship with your client by finding out information around readiness to change and other areas of their life that may influence your work.

Learn how to assess readiness to change by measuring confidence and importance and understand how these two factors will help us know how to communicate with clients around different behaviour change.

Consolidate your learning.  Take away immediate tools to use in your practice from today. Know when and how to refer clients to alternative professionals.  


1. Online Workshop

The beauty of this learning format is that you can complete it in your own time yet still feel that you’re shared a day with our Founder and Managing Director, Fiona Cosgrove. She will take you through a series of 10 video sessions and you don’t have to leave your living room!  Each of these have notes and activities to complete, the same as if you were in in a live workshop. It’s delivered through our online learning portal which you will have immediate so you can get started straight away. 

Our team also hold regular live support webinars which you can attend and ask anything  you’re not sure of!  You’ll be kept informed of when they will be held so that if you intend going on to level 2, you can take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions and have discussion around areas of particular interest.

  • You have 8 weeks access to the online workshop learning portal to complete and submit your assessment.
  • BONUS Coach Yourself to Wellness Bookset (digital version) valued at $30.00
  • You'll achieve Level 1 Certificate of Attainment upon successful completion of the course
  • Qualified to continue onto Level 2 Wellness Coaching (level 1 a pre-requisite)

Fee: $350

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2. Face to Face Workshop - Delivered as Level 1 Foundations of Wellness Coaching

  • 8 hour, full day facilitated workshop in major capital cities across Australia
  • Workshop includes all course materials with Tea, coffee and light refreshments provided on the day
  • You'll achieve Level 1 Certificate of Attainment upon successful completion of the course
  • Qualified to continue onto Level 2 Wellness Coaching (level 1 a pre-requisite)
Early Bird: $360*

Standard: $390

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Industry Accredited

This program is accredited as "Level 1 - Foundations of Wellness Coaching" with many health, fitness and Wellness bodies in Australia and overseas including:

  • an approved CCE course with International Coaching Federation (ICF) for 7.25 hours core competencies and 2 hours Resource Development.
  • 8 CECs with Fitness Australia 
  • 7 CPDs with ESSA 
  • 2 PDPs with Physical Activity Australia 
  • 8 CPD's with APNA
  • 8 CPEs with ANTA 
  • 8 CPEs with ATMS 
  • 10 CPEs with AAMT 
  • 5 CPDs with REPS NZ 
  • 6 CPDs with REPS UK 
  • approved as ongoing professional education with AHHCA.




"Studying with Wellness Coaching Australia has enabled me to change the way I work and also, to a certain extent, the way I live!  I’ve found that the coaching skills that I now use with my clients are allowing me to connect with them better.  They are achieving their goals more consistently by taking ownership of their reasons for change and by sticking to a plan which allow consistent, regular effort.  I work in a gym setting, clinic and workplace environment predominantly with women over 40. As an Exercise Physiologist, combining my knowledge with this new approach in communication, my work is flourishing and I am reaping the benefits along with my clients, achieving success I had only dreamt of.”

Shaned Gaffney
Exercise Physiologist (ESSA Accredited)
Wellness Coach (Level 3 WCA; Level 1 CHEK & HCA)
B.App.Sci (HM); B.Med.Sci; Grad Cert OH&S

*To receive Early Bird rate you must book and pay in full more than 2 weeks prior to the workshop date.