We are always keen to hear more about how our Level 3 graduates are using the knowledge and practical training they have gained from our Level 3 course. Here are some great testimonials from our 2014 graduates as to their personal experience undertaking the Level 3 Professional Studies in Wellness Coaching as well as updates on what they are up to now.

Kim Poyner, 2014 Graduate

After attending a Wellness Coaching Australia information session at Barwon Medicare Local in Geelong in 2013, the approach of health and wellness coaching really resonated for Kim particularly with how this practice could benefit her existing client's with chronic disease. Having worked in Intensive Care for 11 years, Kim had developed a passion for preventative medicine and continues this passion now working as a Practice Nurse for 10 GP's in the preventative care clinic on the Victorian Surf Coast. 

Since completing Level 3, Kim undertook a project to research current medicare guidelines and how she could develop a framework that would be beneficial for clients and also for the medical centre if she were to implement a coaching program within her chronic and preventative care clinic. She has still gone on to develop a unique Health Coaching program utilising available medicare item numbers and has been achieving amazing results for both client outcomes and also creating a new income stream for her GP clinic. 

"There are numerous clients that had become quite "stuck" with their chronic disease management over the previous years and having implemented wellness coaching into our clinic, we have found great success with these clients. They are using change talk language and are feeling motivated to come and have a session to work on their own health goals. The GP's have stated not only the clients being more accountable for their own health but we are having some "wins" with the health parameter's too.

Some of the outcomes achieved to date include weight loss, reduced waist circumference, increased motivation and self belief, improvements in Hba1c in our diabetes clients, reduced alcohol consumption, smoking cessation, return to physical activity, connecting clients to community groups and organisations, recommending investigating health and wellbeing programs available to them free of charge from their health fund for ongoing support, and access to further education and counselling."

Her innovative program has not been unnoticed having recently been awarded the APNA 2015 Best Practice Award in Chronic Disease Management. 

If you are a nurse with a passion for coaching and want to find out more about Kim's Health Coaching Program and how you can implement this within your existing clinic or approach a forward thinking to take on this program, feel free to contact Kim directing on email at ks.poyner@bigpond.com.

Tracy Sheen, 2014 Graduate

Having received such value from completing level 1 and 2 of wellness coaching it really wasn’t a difficult decision for me to go ahead with the level 3 component of wellness coaching. The skills I have learned throughout these studies have proven invaluable to me and to the growth of MBS Wellness over the course of this year. Since completing level 3 studies I have started a weekly podcast “The Ex Corporate Hippie’s Guide to Wellness”, (currently listed on the “new and noteworthy” on iTunes). I’ve been featured as the only Australian author in a book called “You Well Being Sorted” which was released in July of this year, and I am close to finishing the manuscript on my own book, which will be released in the first quarter of 2015. I have been featured in the media as an expert wellness commentator both in Australia as well as overseas, and in addition to all of this I have been a key note speaker at several events throughout the year and have established a executive wellness coaching practice in Brisbane. I have no doubt that the skills I picked up during my training with Wellness Coaching Australia have greatly assisted in creating the solid foundations to my business and would have no hesitation in recommending the program to anyone interested in a career within the wellness industry.

Lisa Murphy, 2014 Graduate

With a background in event and project management, I’ve always had an interest in planning and helping to “make things happen”. I’ve also had a long term interest in health and wellbeing and was eager to find a way to combine my passion with my professional skills. I completed my level 3 wellness coach training in August this year and have just launched my coaching business. My plan initially is to run my business alongside my other job with the intention of eventually operating the business full time as demand grows.

At first, the thought of launching my own business was extremely confronting for me.  However, it’s actually turned out to be a wonderful experience and has helped me discover skills I never knew I had (eg, I built my own website and have been asked by others to build theirs!) and which I’ll be able to incorporate into my business.

Completing my wellness coaching qualification is one of the best things I have ever done.  If you’d like to ask me any questions about the training or visit my site, my contact details are below. Good Luck!
Wellness, Food and Lifestyle Coaching
web: www.lisatmurphy.com

Carly Dyer, 2014 Graduate

Fiona Cosgrove and her team deliver this course with as much passion as they have undoubted expertise. The content covered was current, practical and inspiring. The methods used were engaging, inclusive and effective. I highly recommend the Level 3 course for all health industry professionals who recognise the growing need to empower clients to achieve their own health outcomes. This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to coach your clients to success!

Carly Dyer
Private Wellness Coach and Health Science Researcher