Becoming a Wellness Coach is ideal for existing health, fitness or wellness professionals working with clients who need long term health and lifestyle change or those who looking to enter the Health and Wellness industry, don't have any prior qualifications but are passionate about supporting individuals in healthy lifestyles and empower them to achieve their health and wellness goals

Wellness Coaching Australia offers 2 training pathway options. Which pathway is best for you is dependent on:

  • If you have any prior qualifications in a Health, Fitness or Wellness field
  • Whether you are looking to add Wellness Coaching as a new skill to your existing health profession or looking to add this as a full time role or service offering for clients and groups
  • You are a health/fitness/wellness professional however you don't have any nutrition training and want to be able to coach your clients around food choices 

Choosing the correct training pathway for your personal circumstances is vitally important in ensuring you will meet the criteria to gain your Health and Wellness Coaching recognition and be eligible to gain professional insurance to work as a Health and Wellness Coach. Choose from the 2 pathway options below that best suit you personally. 

Progressive Coach Training Pathway
  • Best option for existing Health, Fitness or Wellness Professional with prior qualifications in their field who want to add Wellness coach training to their existing Health, Fitness or Wellness practice.
  • Ideal for those seeking professional development courses for CPD or CEC points.
NOTE: This pathway does not include any theoretical studies in health and well being as it assumes you already have a robust background in a health related field.

Professional Certification

  • Best option for those without any prior health, fitness or wellness qualifications; or
  • Ideal for existing health, fitness and wellness professionals with minimal or outdated qualifications that want to broaden their qualification base and bring Health and Wellness Coaching into their business or organisational role.

If you are unsure about which pathway is best for you, drop us a line and we can set you on the correct path and give you more information about the courses best for you, email or call us on 02 8006 9055.