Who We Are

About Wellness Coaching Australia - Our Journey

Wellness Coaching Australia was the first Health and Wellness Coach Training School established in Australia. Founded in 2006 by Fiona Cosgrove, she recognised the need for a new approach to working with clients in the area of health change. Using Coaching as the method of delivery, Fiona set about developing training for this very new and emerging health field for people who shared the  same passion for helping others to improve the quality of their lives.

Fast forward to 2022, Wellness Coaching Australia has trained more than 6000 students across, Australia, New Zealand and overseas through our range of accredited qualification courses, workshops and online skill building programs enabling them to take on Health and Wellness Coaching with confidence and coach others to achieve lasting changes in their lifestyle.

Our list of firsts….

  • Australia’s first Health and Wellness Coach training school established in 2006
  • Australia’s first coach training school to deliver online live webinar training for its students in our virtual classrooms. 
  • Offered Australia’s first nationally accredited training course entitled Health and Wellness Coaching – Diploma of Health and Wellness Coaching (10641NAT)
  • First international training provider whose program is approved for eligibility for National Board Certification run by the Medical Board of Examiners in the US which places the program in the top 25 private organisations offering this level of education globally.

An unmatched teaching faculty

The Wellness Coaching Australia teaching faculty provides students with a highly credentialed training team not only in the field of coaching but also in the areas of health, fitness and wellness – a line-up that is unmatched by other Health and Wellness Coaching schools. Our team are not only trainers but are also health and wellness small business operators, just like you, so they understand how you can take Health and Wellness Coach Training studies into a business setting and work to inspire and support you and deliver effective training results.

Approved Training provider providing Professional Recognition for graduates

Wellness Coaching Australia offers a number of approved programs that enable graduates to apply for full membership with the industry association: Health Coaches Association – Australia New Zealand (HCANZA).

Wellness Coaching Australia is an approved training provider with The National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching offering an approved program for graduates to apply and sit the National Board Certification exam and become a “Board Certified” Health and Wellness Coach.

Wellness Coaching Australia is an approved training provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists allowing graduates to gain membership in Australia and 26 countries worldwide.


"Studying with Wellness Coaching Australia has enabled me to change the way I work and also, to a certain extent, the way I live! I’ve found that the coaching skills that I now use with my clients are allowing me to connect with them better. They are achieving their goals more consistently by taking ownership of their reasons for change and by sticking to a plan which allow consistent, regular effort. I work in a gym setting, clinic and workplace environment predominantly with women over 40. As an Exercise Physiologist, combining my knowledge with this new approach in communication, my work is flourishing and I am reaping the benefits along with my clients, achieving success I had only dreamt of.”
Shaned Gaffney
"As a professional Nutritionist and Musculoskeletal Therapist I have witnessed numerous times the client’s inability to master sustainable change. The information I need to share with them is essential for their wellbeing, however if I cannot deliver it in a way that connects with their personal values and motivators then the results are often short lived, or don’t occur at all! How many times have you recommended an eating plan or stretching program and it isn’t correctly adopted by the client? I am seeing the benefits that coaching skills are bringing to my consultations and ultimately my clients' lives. This training has given me the tools to connect with the client’s strongest motivators and combine these with their treatment protocol - delivering better results!"
Jodie Druce