The Team


Fiona Cosgrove (NBC-HWC)

Founder & Managing Director / Trainer and Assessor

As the Founder and Managing Director of Wellness Coaching Australia, Fiona is known as the leader in the Health and Wellness Coaching industry in Australia having established the first Health and Wellness Coach training school in 2006. 

Fiona has a background of over 35 years in the health, fitness and wellness industries, and a vast depth of experience ranging from health club owner, counsellor, university lecturer (RMIT), keynote speaker, health and wellness coach trainer and author. 

She serves on the Board of the Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand Association (HCANZA) and is Vice Chair of the Wellness Coaching Initiative established by the Global Wellness Institute.

She is a Board certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) and holds Masters Degrees in Exercise Science and in Counselling and is the author of “Coach Yourself to Wellness” book and companion workbook. Fiona is currently undertaking a PhD through Canterbury Christ Church University in the UK where she is exploring Health and Wellness Coach training program design and student experience. She has an article accepted by The Coaching Psychologist in the UK with the title, “Promoting wellbeing through the emerging specialism of health and wellness coaching”.

Jenny Keady (NBC-HWC)

Trainer & Assessor | Student Support & Assessment Coordinator

Jenny Keady has worked in the area of health promotion, fitness and organisation development for over 25 years. She is a Board certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), and has held senior roles in both government organisations and health retreats. 

Her qualifications are in coaching, training, management and fitness. Jenny knows that the secrets of great coaching are empathy, knowledge and ongoing learning. Her personal passion – helping people to be the best version of themselves – marries perfectly with her roles in coach training, training development and coach mentoring with Wellness Coaching Australia. She has strong values and a depth of experience in corporate, health retreats and individual Health and Wellness Coaching which allows Jenny to truly connect with and understand the people she works with. Her work with Wellness Coaching Australia combines her two loves – wellness and working with people.

Jenny Keady-2

Melanie White (NBC-HWC)

Trainer and Assessor / Business Coach

Melanie has worked in leadership, coaching, mentoring in the corporate arena and her own business since 2004, and has developed and licensed her own weight loss coaching program. 

Her specific interests include helping coaches to develop professional, well-structured, systemised and scalable coaching businesses, and personal coaching to support mental and emotional wellbeing, an empowered mindset, presence and resilience. Often, Melanie coaches clients in both business and personal growth, as they are interlinked!

Melanie has an Honours Degree in Biology, Cert III & IV in Personal Training, Diploma of Health and Wellness Coaching (WCA), Cert IV Training and Assessment, and is a Board certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC).  Melanie is board member of Health Coaches Association – Australia and New Zealand (HCANZA).

Lucine Eusani

Trainer and Assessor/ Workshop Facilitator

Lucine has a Masters degree and an MPhil in Conflict Resolution, and worked for the first half of her career as a facilitator of conflict resolution workshops overseas. She trained over 15 years ago as a life coach and NLP Master practitioner and has worked internationally with coaching clients and facilitating wellness workshops around the world, all the way to the Amazon jungle. 

Lucine’s expertise lies in the area of mind-body connection, alongside her coaching business she facilitates several mindful movement modalities such as yoga and 5Rhythms.  She brings this passion into her own Health and Wellness Coaching business, working with female entrepreneurs who are seeking to become the drivers on their own wellness journey. She particularly enjoys the interpersonal engagement with students whilst running trainings, assessment and mentoring sessions  for Wellness Coaching Australia.


Carly Moore

Trainer and Assessor / Diploma Support Coordinator

Carly has worked in the health industry in various roles including nursing, teaching, course development and wellness coaching. She left her nursing career in 2015 to pursue her passion to empower others to create a healthy work life balance and live the life they really want. Carly has a Bachelor of Nursing, Master of Health Practice, Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Cert IV in Presenting Community Health Education Programs and a Professional Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching (WCA). She is an endorsed provider of The Lift Project and provides group and individual coaching in her own business. Carly works for Wellness Coaching Australia as a trainer and assessor and loves seeing students join the dots with their own coaching development.

Kylie Stewart (PCC-ICF)


Kylie is a highly qualified, dynamic and energetic coach and facilitator and a certified health and wellness coach, life coach, and personal trainer. Holding qualifications in professional coaching with the International Coaching Federation and personal training. Kylie’s studies complement her strong skill set and vast experience working with others in the health and wellbeing sector as well as in the corporate and public sectors.

Having owned and operated her own successful business for more than 20 years, Kylie has firsthand experience of leading, empowering, educating and inspiring people to explore their potential, discover their inner champion, and create their best life.

David Carroll 25

David Carroll

Trainer / Workshop Facilitator

David is a qualified naturopath, health coach and commercial learning and development consultant. With a passion for health, fitness and personal development, he has extensive professional experience working with individuals and companies across the health, fitness and medical life sciences industries. As a corporate trainer and personal performance coach, he understands the dynamic relationship between the mind and body, when it comes to achieving optimal health and peak personal performance.

David is also a passionate small business coach, helping his clients develop the skills, passion and mindset required to execute a winning business strategy. Having spent many years providing education, training and coaching services to his own client base, he knows how to help independent consultants, trainers and coaches create specialised signature programs, to market and promote across a wide range of niche customer segments.

Kristine Gardener

Guest Presenter

Kristine has over 20 years’ experience working as a teacher, entrepreneur, naturopath and wellness coach. She combines these skills as a coach trainer for Wellness Coaching Australia.

As a coach, Kristine’s specialty areas are stress management, gut health and weight management. She loves helping people to take responsibility for themselves, so they can live happier, more balanced and more productive lives.


Carly Dyer

Guest Presenter

Carly brings a lifelong love of learning and a love of people to her roles as coach and trainer for WCA. She has various university degrees in teaching, linguistics and health science, and is passionate about the intersection between public health and education. After many years of work in the education sector, Carly trained as a wellness coach and now specialises in coaching for women’s wellness issues. She recently completed postgraduate research on the psychology of health behaviour change for weight loss, and is currently working on her PhD with the Faculty of Health at the Queensland University of Technology.

Wendy Richmond

Course Development / Trainer

Wendy is an Exercise Scientist with nearly three decades of experience in the health and fitness industry. Wendy has a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. She is a Cert IV workplace trainer and Assessor and has qualifications in clinical Pilates. 

Through her career as an exercise scientist, Wendy has worked with normal population as well as special needs individuals. She has experience with many types of sporting teams to design and deliver appropriate motivational, fitness and rehabilitation programs.

Wendy has worked as education manager for a large RTO and designed, delivered and assessed health and fitness educational packages from Cert III through to diploma.


Sally Moulder

Student Enquiries and Enrolments / Student Management

Sally is a marketing and customer service professional with extensive experience spanning more than 11 years in marketing, communications, sales and brand management within client focused organisations (hotels and hospitality, tourism, health retreats and education); holding a Bachelor of Hotel Management, majoring in Marketing. 

Sally works with WCA in the capacity of student services and sales, and enjoys assisting students and potential students attain their health and wellness coaching education goals and successes.

Jaye James

Business Management | Student Enquiries and Enrolments / Student Management

Jaye has built a wealth of knowledge and experience cultivating her marketing skills and developing her career within the Health, Wellness and Lifestyle space for over 15 years having worked for national and international brands. Her strength lies in her holistic approach towards developing strategic and tactical sales and marketing practices, process driven lead generation practices and combining operational sales and marketing efficiencies to drive success in this unique and competitive industry.

She works at WCA as the Business, Sales & Marketing manager, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Public Relations and is a member of the Australia Marketing Institute.