Application for Student/Graduate Health & Wellness Coaching

Thank you for your interest in applying for a free 12 week Health and Wellness Coaching program as part of our graduate coaching supervision program.

Your participation in this Health and Wellness coaching program is to give our newly certified Health & Wellness coaches the opportunity to start working with real life clients following their formal studies and gain experience and practice before they start charging for their services. 

How the Program works

If you are successful in being chosen for this free Health and Wellness Coaching program,  you will be assigned a Coach who will provide 5-6 coaching sessions over a 12 week period – meeting via phone, zoom or in person if you both live locally to one another. During their coaching program with you,  they will be joining group mentoring sessions under the supervision of a senior WCA trainer to support and guide them through the real life client coaching experience they are working through.  Client personal information will be remain anonymous for these discussions.

To be eligible for this program you must be:

  • committed to work with a Health and Wellness Coach over 5-6 sessions at mutually agreed upon times over a 12 week period
  • have a genuine desire to improve your health and wellness and have thought about where you want to get to (the outcome) and ready to make a start to set some goals
  • have a readiness for change to your health and wellness and you are actively engaged in wanting support from a coach to support you 
  • committed to sessions and not bring anything that might raise a red flag and require the support of an alternative health professional (unless it is around something simple such as nutrition or exercise. )

We are aware of how broad the area of “health and wellness” can be but want to support our coaches (and you as clients)  in having a good and safe experience.

During the program your coach will be working with you no differently to a paid Coaching program so they can put into practice the structure, processes and skills they have learnt during their formal training. 

If you feel this program is right for you and would like to participate, please complete the application form below and one of our team will be in touch if a ideal Health and Wellness Coach can be paired up for you. 

Application for upcoming program not yet open