Barriers to Change – Stress…the biggie

By now everyone will be back into their regular routine I would imagine with work/home/personal/professional obligations rearing their heads after a more relaxed holiday time for some. And with this comes the start of that inevitable, if occasional, feeling of STRESS. At Wellness Coaching Australia we are often asked what we do. And of course, our main service is to teach health and fitness professionals how to use coaching skills to help people with behavior change that will get them closer to where they would like to be.  In many cases – the change they want can be life changing.  Better quality sleep may sound pretty unambitious but if someone can achieve this, it could well improve every other area of their life!  

As we reveal the “model” we use to help clients, we soon come face to face with the fact that  there are barriers to people getting what they want.  (This can be a slow journey as it may take some time and energy to help some individuals work out exactly what it is they do want!)  There are many different barriers to change but one that is mentioned increasingly often is stress.  So we have decided to develop progams that will help our coaches firstly help clients identify and overcome the common barriers (our BUSTING BARRIERS program soon to be launched) and secondly, have devoted a great deal of time in creating  a program focused on understanding what stress is really all about.  You see it’s not enough to simply address ways of “managing” stress.  Without knowing why we are experiencing it, where it comes from, what it’s all about, we really can’t manage it.   

There are many tools and publications out there to help manage stress. We’ve tried to approach it in a different way, recognising that stress, like anxiety, is not a one size fits all condition!  What stresses one person may not bother another, what works to reduce stress for someone may have little or no effect on another. So we’ve asked both coaches and clients to join us on a journey of ”Understanding Stress”. This is a self-paced distance program that includes a study guide and an audio version of the same which is listened to while watching key points on your device.  We ask you to do some exercises to explore each topic further with the aim of helping everyone come out with a much greater understanding of stress overall, and their personal experience of it.  It’s new territory for us but we are excited and satisfied to be addressing a “barrier” that in itself can be debilitating and certainly prevent many people from achieving true wellbeing.

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