Breaking dependencies by reframing the way we think about them!

Many people, when asked what barriers stand in the way to their wellness goals, mention things they do regularly, that have an addictive nature. Their language will often give away a sense of guilt, frustration or even shame. And as we know, when we feel this way, we are unlikely to experience readiness to change. 

If we looked at the two components – importance and confidence –  both might be low. Importance might be low as people tend to make their thinking fit their beliefs. (eg “I can’t change so therefore I don’t want to”) and confidence will follow along with it. Some people may feel it is important to change but don’t feel they can do it – enter the guilt!

So what kind of behavior are we talking about here? 

Some common ones are smoking, drinking, eating, shopping (yes, shopping) and computer games. Smoking has been well documented and there are lots of programs and support groups for anyone who has decided to quit. Alcohol is the same. People frequently feel that they need alcohol in their lives, so much that they must be an alcoholic. Which then means they have to go to AA meetings and live their life without something that they really do enjoy. Now this might be the right decision for people whose way of using alcohol is slowly destroying their lives and potentially the lives of others. There are plenty of functioning alcoholics out there.  

But there are another group of people who feel that they rely on alcohol more than they would like to and have a sense of dependency which may not sit well with how they see themselves. We know these people. We hear about it in our client sessions and even in our workshops. “I would just like to drink less.”

We were very impressed when we came across Georgia Foster’s “Drink Less Mind Program” simply because she brought out into the open something that is often discreetly ignored.  

A lifestyle habit that can be controlled and enormous relief and freedom to so many people.  Georgia is a clinical hypnotherapist who has written a wonderful relatively low cost program that combines practical information, worksheets and recorded talks, with a series of meditative hypnotherapy sessions that help people explore how they can go about reducing their alcohol intake painlessly and quickly. And regain control.  And one of the most powerful elements of her program is that she helps people let go of how they see their habit, as not so much an addiction, but something they have the power and the choice to change! Simple.  

We felt that this program was so useful to deal with one of today’s increasing lifestyle issues that we have made it available to purchase on our website.

Whether you are a coach looking for ways of supporting your clients, or someone who would like to reduce the amount of alcohol they drink regularly, you will find Georgia’s program very helpful!  As coaches we use many tools to support our clients in lifestyle change and to improve the quality of their lives. This is one such tool.

click here to find out more about the The Drink Less Mind 7 Day Online Program where you can register and get started straight away!