Journey To Change - Presentation Series

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Explaining to people what health or wellness coaching is may not be the easiest approach – showing them what we mean can open doors. People need to see not only what it looks like, but what will they get out of it – and a group setting can be a great, non-threatening way for you to introduce what we do. We’ve taken the hard work out of creating presentations that are clear, easy to deliver and provide the right starting point.

What is Journey to Change all about?

This series of four presentations will take your clients through what is needed to create successful change in lifestyle habits – some of which may have been preventing them from achieving their goals.  The program was created from a growing demand from our coaches looking for wellness coaching specific presentation content to complement their wellness “challenge” program or seminar program they present as part of their work.  

Designed to be presented as a series, each session can be run over 45-60 minutes or longer if you have a very interactive group and are happy to give them that time!  Each session builds on the last and provides a structure to create a plan that is uniquely our own, to identify obstacles that have been tripping us up and to understand the building blocks that are needed for successful behavior changes that last.

All sessions are backed up by the Coach Yourself to Wellness book and Workbook which you can purchase online. Included in your purchase is a digital PDF version both as part of your purchase – for your own use and information.

Because change isn’t just a matter of doing something in a different way. It’s a matter of learning to think differently about what we want, why we want it and what’s been stopping us.

Presentation content

This series of four presentations will take your clients on a journey from the time when they experience a sense of mild discontent with low energy and a feeling of not being on their game, to a place where they feel prepared, clear and confident about what needs to happen to make desired health and wellness become a reality.

Session 1 - Making Change that Lasts

Encourages participants to look at all areas of their wellness and work out what changes they would like to see.  It demonstrates how to create a meaningful vision statement that takes into consideration all aspects of their life and reveals the benefits that would be had from achieving their goals.

Session 2 – Overcoming Obstacles

Helps them narrow down the areas for change and set goals, planning ahead for the specific obstacles they may have to overcome.  Participants will be encouraged to set three monthly goals and start with the first week’s goals, emphasising that the aim of the journey is to achieve success along the way as well as at the end.

Session 3 - Climbing Mt. Lasting Change

Helps them understand what is needed to make change last and introduces the Pyramid for Change with discussion around the importance of each building block in the model.

Session 4 - The way forward – staying on track

Helps the group to focus on what happens next as they continue on their journey and gives tips to ensure they move forward towards their vision.  We explore emotional wellness and how positive psychology can contribute to their sense of optimism and success.

Why is Journey to Change different from other “educational” talks?

We know that delivering information is not enough to get people going. They have to want to change and that motivation has to come from within themselves. These talks encourage participants to answer the questions that will get them thinking about what matters, what they want and why they want it. They will also experience “coaching” for the first time.

How can you use these seminars to kick start your business?

Approach any organisation that is either running a challenge or has an interest in health and wellbeing with an audience who you can promote to. You may wish to make the organisation your client if you are supporting a “challenge” or you could simply get access to the membership base and promote the seminars yourself.

What is included?

Four PowerPoint presentations with full license for images used and slide show set up.

Full presenter notes to accompany each slide.

2nd set of presentations that include presenter audio recordings giving guidance on how to present each slide (great accompaniment to the presenter notes).

Worksheets for participants for each session.


Only $495 inc GST for this complete 4 part presentation series program.

Including FREE Coach Yourself to Wellness Bookset (digital PDF format).