Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare

I am very excited about the opportunity once again to attend the Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare conference that is being held in Boston in September. Run by the Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, and Harvard Medical School this conference is in its 9th year and I think this will be my fourth visit although it’s been a few years since I last attended.

I jumped at the chance to get over there and immerse myself in sessions delivered by the world leaders in leadership, neuroscience, health and well-being coaching, behavioral and positive psychology. The conference is aimed at “leaders, physicians, healthcare providers, executive coaches, life coaches, and health and wellness coaches” and I am really looking forward to seeing what new developments are unfolding at this hugely energising event.  

What is wonderful is to see how this conference has grown to encompass such a large field. The recognition that developing coaching skills can be used to influence professionals in business – both profit and non-profit and the vast domain of healthcare where “science-based coaching competencies can improve motivation and the capacity of patients to develop and sustain health-giving behaviors”. I also love the fact that coaching is now referred to as both an art and a science!  A rare combination.  

Opportunity to discuss international credentialing

After a fruitful conversation with the Margaret Moore, one of the Directors of the US based National Consortium for Credentialing Health & Wellness Coaches, she noted she was hoping to pull together a meeting on international credentialing the day before the conference which is great news. 
The timing is perfect as Australia really is at the stage where the health and wellness coaching field needs to be formalised and overseen in some way, by an independent organisation who can develop certification of professional coaches in this field and assess training programs for key competencies and assessment criteria. We have watched what they have done in the US over six years and how far they have come and there is much to be learnt. Of course our industry is much smaller and the number of training programs is limited but it will grow and we want to be a step ahead.

I am looking forward to coming back in October with many ideas and potential news after attending the conference that will further our field in Australia!