Fees And Charges, Withdrawal, Deferral And Refund Policy

Wellness Coaching Australia’s Fees, Withdrawal and Refund Policy applies to all students enrolled in the Diploma of Health and Wellness Coaching (10641NAT). The Policy is a fair, reasonable and transparent process that has been developed in accordance with the legislative requirements of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015.

Fees And Charges

All students undertaking training with Wellness Coaching Australia in any  courses or programs are required to pay fees.

The total course fees for the Diploma of Health and Wellness Coaching (NAT is $10,000 inclusive of GST. Course fees are given in Australian Dollars.

All fees include access to learning materials and assessments (where applicable) via our online learning platforms.  Additional costs may apply where learning materials are required in different formats such as printed versions.

Wellness Coaching Australia will not collect more than $1500 in advance of a student’s progress in the qualification.

The below payment plan applies:

  • First payment of $1500 is due prior to the first unit commencing.
  • Balance of course fees will be divided into 15 equal monthly payments of $566.67 across the qualification duration and can be paid by credit card.

This payment plan is based on the understanding the student will undertake study over the standard 18 month period.

If the student wishes to complete the course in less than the standard 18-month period, the following conditions apply:

  1. an individualised plan must be negotiated with the Student Support Team within 3 weeks of enrolment; and
  2. a revised payment plan must be negotiated with the Student Support Team; and
  3. individual unit certificates will only be issued when the units are completed, assessed and paid in full.

Recognition Of Prior Learning (rpl)

If a student is granted approval for RPL for any unit, they will be charged at the full value of the unit being applied.

If a student has completed prior studies with Wellness Coaching Australia, fees received for prior learning will be credited towards the value of the overall course fee.

Withdrawal Policy

If for any reason a student does not intend or are unable to continue their study, they must formally notify Wellness Coaching Australia of their intention to withdraw from the course or program by completing and submitting the Notification of Withdrawal Form.
Please consider the impact of our Refund Policy (see below).
Upon withdrawal, all outstanding course work and full payment for units completed must be received prior to the RTO issuing any certification including qualifications or statements of attainment.

Request a copy of the Notification of Withdrawal Form from the Wellness Coaching Australia office: info@wellnesscoachingaustralia.com.au.

Refund Policy

After commencement, upon notifying Wellness Coaching Australia of the decision to withdraw, a student will receive a pro-rata refund for any units of competency that have not yet been commenced, less a $300 administration charge (per unit).

Refunds will only be granted in exceptional circumstances where a student can prove that  continuing their course of study would put them under extreme hardship due to medical reasons or other personal challenges.  Students should not presume that a refund will be given automatically.

If a student is applying for a refund, they must supply all supporting documentation such as medical certificates.

Deferment Policy

The Diploma of Health and Wellness Coaching (10641NAT) is a part -time, 18 month course. Course deferments of up to 6 months can be granted in exceptional circumstances. All units must be completed within a 24 month period.

If applying for deferment,  all supporting documentation such as medical certificates must be supplied.  Request a copy of The Deferment Request Form from Wellness Coaching Australia office: info@wellnesscoachingaustralia.com.au.

Exceptional Circumstances

Wellness Coaching Australia will consider refunds based on exceptional circumstances and will treat them individually and on their merits. Wellness Coaching Australia’s Appeal Policy will apply to all refund decisions.

If you are entitled to a refund, Wellness Coaching Australia will refund your money within ten business days.

Delivered In Partnership With Blueprint Career Development  (rto 30978)


The Diploma of Health and Wellness Coaching (10641NAT) is being offered by Blueprint Career Development (RTO 30978) and delivered by Wellness Coaching Australia who is the registered owner of the course (CO 10529). The Diploma cannot be offered by another RTO without the permission of Wellness Coaching Australia.