HCANZA – A Pillar of the Health and Wellness Coaching Industry

The recent conference held in Brisbane in late August, showed that HCANZA has really earned its place as an essential organisation in the establishment of our profession as a credible industry.

This was evidenced by many factors:

• The incredible level of speakers who were willing to give up their time to add depth and knowledge to what we teach in our training programs.

• The enthusiasm and wide array of backgrounds of attendees – many who came with their own considerable credentials and success stories of their work in the industry.

• The award recipients who provided proof that the work of HWC can, and is, truly making a difference.

• The level of professionalism with which the conference was organised and run, and one very important additional aspect of the event that made us feel so honoured and excited to be part of this movement – the atmosphere of collegial collaboration and mutual respect that was evident in every conversation.

Perhaps this last point can be attributed to the young age of HCANZA and indeed the industry, but we got the feeling that there was something special occurring that could be unique to our field. I have attended many conferences and am fully aware of the occasional competitive and protective air of some participants – the sense that coming together was an opportunity to establish seniority and priority or even power – yet this was notably absent at HCANZA’s second conference. People from all backgrounds, level of education and experience showed a willingness to support and demonstrate interest in learning from the many other attendees who came from all parts of Australia and New Zealand.

On a personal level, Wellness Coaching Australia were represented by so many alumni and current students that it became impossible to get one group photo, so several had to do!
It was with delight and pride that our team connected with and listened to our people – where they were working, what other support we could provide and we are excited to start working with several students who were interested in what we had to offer.
Our Group Coaching program is just the start of a set of new initiatives as response to feedback from graduates. We are so pleased that so many of you have joined and support HCANZA who will truly become our representative and impartial voice to promote our valuable work. Thank you!