If change was easy, we’d all be thin, rich and successful

If you read our recent post, Barriers to Change, you’ll know that knowing WHY changes are important to you is an essential starting point….but then, how do you manage the rush of fears and obstacles when considering HOW to change?

If change was easy, we’d all be thin, rich and successful!  In reality, change can be difficult because we’re creatures of habit.  We we value the safety and security of what we know, even if it is dysfunctional. 

HOW can we change? Change involves thinking or acting differently.  It starts with knowing what needs to change, which involves:

1. identifying things that no longer serve you
2. discovering things that will be useful and beneficial
3. defining which aspects you have the power to change
4. accepting or thinking differently about the things you can’t change.

As Albert Einstein said: 
“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
In reality, we all have the power to change many things in our lives. The degree of difficulty in making change might relate to your values, strengths, motivation and courage.  

When considering change, the easiest option is to do nothing, which is safe and familiar……..but gives you the same outcome!  

The hardest option is going out on a limb and upsetting the apple cart, throwing out everything and starting again.

Somewhere in the middle lies your truth.  

There are so many aspects of making change, and these aspects vary from person to person, depending on where they are in life. 

A coach’s job is not to tell you what to change, or even how to change.  Rather, they guide you through the process of change by helping you to be self-aware, set realistic goals, manage your own expectations and to find the courage to take action – on your own terms, in your own time.