Inspiration or Coaching in social media?

Have you noticed the Facebook surge in ‘inspirational’ quotes and posts?  You know the ones, telling us we are strong, that we can do it, that abs are made in the kitchen or that guts and determination win every time. It’s certainly great to see these ‘feel good’ messages, but I have started to wonder how effective they really are. 

Can you actually remember any of the inspirational quotes you read on Facebook yesterday? Have they caused you to change your opinions or beliefs? The point is, while someone else can inspire you, it’s actually a good, thought-provoking question that gets you really engaged and thinking about change. 
People who post thought-provoking questions seem to get a stream of well-thought responses, ‘aha’ moments and alternative views. In comparison, people who post inspirational quotes tend to get more of the ‘this is cool’ or ‘I agree’ type of response – appreciation without any real depth.
If we want people to engage with us (and our Facebook pages), it’s clear that the writing is on the Facebook wall. 

Inspiration is great, but a good ‘coaching question’ is more powerful