Professional Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching

Internationally recognised and approved training program where no prior health qualifications required to enrol. Australia’s leading Health and Wellness Coaching course approved with the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaches (NBHWC) and Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand Association (HCANZA). Interest free payment plans and flexible start dates. Online course intake groups available EVERY MONTH – enrol and get access today!

Free Discovery Webinar
Exploring a Career in Health and Wellness Coaching
Wednesday 24th April, 7.00pm (AEST)

Thinking of enrolling in one of our Health and Wellness Coaching Courses but still have lots of questions about our practice and industry? Join us for our upcoming discovery webinar where WCA Coach Trainer and HCANZA Board Member, Melanie White will present a 45 minute session on ‘Exploring a Career as a Health and Wellness Coach”. In this session Melanie will give you a complete 360 degree view of:

  • the status of our industry,
  • our Scope of Practice (and what you will be insured to provide under this scope),
  • Australian and international accrediting bodies who will recognise your certification,
  • how and where our graduates are successfully using Health and Wellness Coaching, and
  • how you can start your training towards becoming an Accredited Health and Wellness Coach with us.

This session is 100% free to attend with zero sales tactics. So join us and learn more about our new and emerging health practice and see if it is right for you!

Health and Wellness Coach
Intensive Residential Training Program
March 10-14, 2024
Gold Coast, Queensland

Join us in March 2024 for our next Intensive Residential Training Program, to be held in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast.  Over 4.5 days we will be taking you through the coaching competency training units that are within the Professional Certificate of Health and Wellness Coaching, where you’ll immerse yourself in a hands-on, practical training program while fast tracking this section of your studies by 5 month. 

Train alongside like-minded  people and share in your experience with this small group training event. Our senior trainers will take you through a program of highly participatory lectures, rich with hands-on practical learning, coaching demonstrations, case studies, role play and real-time mentoring and feedback. 

For decades, society’s state of “busy-ness” with work, home and personal commitments have led to poor lifestyle behaviour. We are now seeing chronic health conditions rise across populations. The idea that modern medicine’s “magic bullet” will fix our poor health choices has been debunked and health experts now widely prescribe the need for individuals to take active steps towards disease prevention.

The Professional Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching will equip you to work with clients to help them achieve better health and wellness by creating the successful behaviour that has escaped many people.

The science of coaching and health behaviour change has been a key area of research for many years in the fields of psychology, coaching and healthcare. In recent years the practice of coaching people to better health behaviours and outcomes has become recognised as a potential catalyst for successful adoption of lifestyle habits.

Become Professionally Recognised in 6 to 12 months

This course provides you with the required certification to become a professional recognised Health and Wellness Coach and gain professional insurance to work as a Health and Wellness Coach in Australia and worldwide.

  • eligible for professional recognition and membership with the Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand Association (fees apply).
  • an approved program with the National Board Certification (NBC-HWC USA) giving you a pathway into the highest level of certification in our field globally.
  • an evidence- based, practical qualification backed by latest research and international trends.
  • 100% online course with a blended learning approach with both self study units and ‘live’ facilitation led practical based webinars.
  • highly participatory course with more than 40 ‘live’ trainer led hours and one on one mentoring and client case study feedback sessions.

6 to 12 months, online and highly interactive course

No prior health background required

The latest evidence-based learning in health behaviour change

Internationally recognised and approved

Learn more about this exciting course from WCA Managing Director, Fiona Cosgrove

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Course Overview

This part time study course is designed to fast track your learning, by providing a relevant blend of theoretical and practical coach training studies (including Coaching Psychology, Behaviour Change and Positive Psychology) together with health and lifestyle studies covering nutrition and weight management, physical activity and fitness, and holistic approaches to managing stress and increasing energy. 

What sets our course apart is our ‘live’ trainer facilitated business training module for those looking to setup a coaching business. Combining practical skills, tools and resources to help you to set up, brand, promote and run your coaching business in a way that leverages off your coaching and interpersonal skills.

As coaching is a hands on, practical skill that you will be learning, these subjects include more than 40 hours of live training delivered by our team and include one on one mentoring and client case study feedback sessions so you feel confident that you are learning this skillset for success.

The Professional Certificate is comprised of 8 individual subjects across 3 competency groups

Advanced Core Coaching Competency
(4 subjects)

Healthy Lifestyle Practice
(3 subjects)

Passion to Profit – Business Coaching Program
(1 subject – optional elective)

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Professional Recognition and Insurance

Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand Association

This qualification is an approved training program course with our industry association: Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand Association (HCANZA) enabling you to apply for professional recognition and full membership. HCANZA is the leading industry association in our region that supports Health and Wellness Coaches, Primary Care Physicians and Allied Health professionals to connect, communicate and aspire to deliver on our collective vision of Co-Creating Universal Health and Wellness.  

Pathway to National Board Certification with NBHWC (U.S)

The Professional Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching is an approved training program with the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaches (NBHWC) giving students the eligibility to apply and sit the National Board Certification exam and become a “Board Certified” Health and Wellness Coach – the highest qualification internationally for the Health and Wellness Coaching field. 

For more information visit the NBHWC website

International Institute for Complementary Therapists

Wellness Coaching Australia is an approved training provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT), where once you have received your full certification you can submit your application to gain membership and formal registration as a Wellness Coach. IICT is an independent membership body for the wellness industry whose course endorsement will allow you to apply for professional insurance under the service category of Wellness Coaching.

Course Delivery and Fees

Delivered over 9 months (or 6 month fast track timetable), these 7 subjects are presented through a blended learning format including live webinars, practical sessions, coach a client sessions, self guided learning, live workshops (optional), and backed up by a learner portal with self learning activities and comprehensive assessment tasks. It can be adapted for anyone looking for a 100% distance learning option. 

Flexible payment options with interest free, payment plans available over the duration of your studies or choose to pay upfront on enrolment. Refer to the course guide for more details on the delivery formats for each unit and course fees.

Upcoming Intakes - Study Timetables

Standard timing (avg 8 hours week)

Standard 9 month study timetable for core units + 3 months if you add on the elective business unit. Average 8 hours of study a week.

Fast Track timing (avg 16 hours week)

Fast track 6 month study timetable for core units + 3 months if you add on the elective business unit. Average 18 hours of study a week.

Course Enrolment

We offer course intake groups every month of the year where the below group intakes are currently open for enrolment online or over the phone. You can enrol in an intake group right up to the last week of the starting month. Example you wish to commence in April, you can enrol anytime during the month right up to April 30 and receive immediate access to the first unit which is a short 6-8 hour online video program.

Please ensure you have read the enrolment terms and conditions prior to enrolling.

2 Payment options are available:

(1) Interest free monthly payment plan where the initial payment is $550 and monthly payments thereafter of $430 (transaction fees apply)  OR

(2) Pay in full upfront

Name Intake Status Course End Date (at the latest)
April 2024 intake (PROCERT) Enrolment Open 31/03/2025
May 2024 intake (PROCERT) Enrolment Open 30/04/2025
June 2024 intake (PROCERT) Enrolment Open 31/05/2025
July 2024 intake (PROCERT) Enrolment Open 30/06/2025
August 2024 intake (PROCERT) Enrolment Open 31/07/2025

Industry Accredited - Continuing Education Points/Credits

Individual learning elements within our course are accredited as continuing education for professional development with some of the leading health, fitness and wellness bodies in Australia and overseas. Refer to the course guide for more details

Recognition of Prior Learning

If you have completed individual Wellness Coaching Australia training courses, in the last 2 years, that are units within this program, these can be credit transferred to the Professional Certificate upon application.

If you have prior qualifications in health, fitness or wellness field, contact us to discuss unit exemption availability based on your prior certificates.

If you have run your own small business and feel you have the business acumen already to setup your new coaching business with ease, then you do not need to add on the Passion to Profit business elective to your enrolment. For those looking to setup their own coaching business, we highly reccomend you add this onto your enrolment. Contact us for more information


When I first looked at enrolling into a course on coaching and wellness, I was drawn to the Professional Certificate course and Wellness Coaching Australia because above all, it offered a robust and evidence-based approach to coaching on health and wellbeing. The training content has credible backing in research, and it’s easy to gather from the study materials and the facilitation, that the program is well thought out and meticulously designed. There is coaching practice and feedback in abundance, and the course offers a safe space to trial, error, learn and grow. The frameworks and tools I learnt around coaching psychology, understanding stress and passion to profit are contents that I regularly reference as I set up my own coaching business, The Life Balance Movement, and I can’t wait to see where it goes!
Debanjali Sengupta
Even though I currently live in the UK at present so many of the courses that I looked at were American and they just did not meet my requirements or feel aligned with my values. Wellness Coaching Australia had a great course full of content and I found such a helpful team, right from the moment I made my initial enquiry. I loved so many aspects of the course, as the modules were really comprehensive and for me I found a great balance of information along with diverse ways of working - from small practical group sessions to individual project work. The additional modules were excellent and I personally got the most from the module on 'Understanding stress' - this was such a comprehensive section and so essential for meeting clients where they are. Stress is such a huge factor for most of my clients and so this was a great insight. I loved all of the support I got from all of the team and felt that I always had someone to help me either find information or get an answer. If you’re looking for a health coaching course, Wellness Coaching Australia would be my top recommendation for a good all round qualification along with helpful supportive staff and knowledgeable experienced tutors/trainers.
Helen Selby
“I recently completed studies with Wellness Coaching Australia, finishing with a Professional Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching. As an allied health professional who works in the chronic disease management and prevention space, an understanding of human behaviour and coaching principles is imperative when working with clients. I completed my Level 1 & 2 wellness coaching course to enhance my skills and breadth of knowledge when working with such clients. Level 3 Professional Studies built upon this learning and provided an opportunity for practical applications through regular coaching circles. This course has opened my lens both personally and professionally, and has shifted my approach to practice. I am currently implementing coaching techniques within my work as an allied health professional and also plan to expand this further within my own business of wellness coaching. The course was fantastic and extremely valuable. Highly recommend”
Stephanie Aalders