Recognition Of Prior Learning Policy

Core Wellness Coach Training Pathway

Within our Wellness Coach training Pathway (Levels 1-4) we offer potential RPL for our Level 1 course only. You may be eligible for credit towards our Level 1 – Foundations of Wellness Coaching course if you have already met the learning/competency outcomes through previous learning. This recognition of prior learning applies to a specific set of prior qualifications in the fields of coaching and psychology. If you don’t meet the below criteria but feel your previous learning meets those of our learning outcomes and competencies in our courses, please contact us at

NOTE: You can only apply for RPL for Level 1 Wellness Coaching in conjunction with your enrolment in Level 2 – Wellness Coaching Skills in Practice course.  

Prior fields of study that may apply for RPL:

  • Post-graduate studies where Wellness Coaching is a course unit (eg. Grad Cert, Dip. or Masters of Wellness – RMIT)
  • Training with Health Change Australia (2 days minimum)
  • Wellcoaches US 14 week program
We recognise that there are other fields of study that cover a large percentage of the content of Level 1.  For example, Life coaches, Psychologists, even Coaching Psychologists will inevitably have knowledge of a lot of the skills and principles we refer to. However, as we use a specific model for coaching around wellness behaviours that students need to be familiar with in order to step straight into Level 2, only the above prior education meets the RPL criteria.

Applying for RPL:
If you have completed one of the three health or wellness coaching courses referred to above, in order to provide you with RPL for Level 1 – Foundations of Wellness Coaching, you will need to: 

  1. Complete and submit the RPL application form and provide transcripts of your previous learning including dates. DOWNLOAD HERE
  2. After application is approved, you will complete the open book, untimed Level 1 assessment (multiple choice and short answer) as it stands for all students undertaking this course.

The RPL fee for Level 1 Wellness Coaching is $175. If you are unable to complete the assessment or not achieve the pass mark requirement (70%), you will need to complete the full Level 1 course. Your RPL fee paid already will be credited towards this.