Short Courses/Workshops

If you’re wishing to learn coaching skills to integrate into your existing client based health profession or just learning what it is all about; or you’re looking to increase your knowledge in healthy lifestyle areas to assist with your personal or professional life, our short course options are for you.

If you decide to continue further studies with us, you’re already partially on your way to completing a qualification course.

Health and Wellness Coaching Short Courses

Discover the foundational theories, principles and fundamentals of coaching psychology and learn the practical application skills and specific tools you need to start running coaching sessions in this 2-part coaching program.

Discover the foundational theories, principles and fundamentals of coaching psychology and how you can use them connect, engage and empower people to change.

Start to hone your coaching skills and techniques by putting the theoretical learnings from Level 1 into practice.

Level 3 builds on the knowledge gained in Level 1 and 2, providing advanced practical coach training skills and further exploring of the theoretical elements of coaching, focusing on increasing competency and confidence to practice as a professional Health and Wellness Coach.

Health and Lifestyle Short Courses

Gain a broad understanding of the function of food and foundation level nutrition information to assist clients in reaching their overall health and wellness goals.

Gain a comprehensive learning of both the theoretical aspects and practical tools for managing mental health to better support your clients in navigating this very complex and increasingly important area of health.

Gain a broad knowledge base of the foundational principles of physical activity for healthy living that you will need to support clients to achieve their fitness and movement goals.

Business Development Short Courses

New graduate Coach mentoring program available in 2024 delivered in a group format setting. 

Group Coaching for Health and Wellness

How you plan to deliver your coaching services is an important factor in both how you attract your clients and profitability. Group Coaching can be an effective and exciting way of delivering health and wellness coaching and one that your coaching business could greatly benefit from adding to your suite of coaching services and programs.

Take the step to become a Qualified and Professionally Recognised Health and Wellness Coach

If you are looking for more than just skill building for personal or professional development and interested in Health and Wellness Coaching as a career pathway, we have the qualifications course you need to get you qualified and professionally recognised.

Explore a Career in Health and Wellness Coaching

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