Advanced Skills and Practice in Health and Wellness Coaching (Level 3)

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Build on the knowledge gained in Level 1 and 2and gainadvanced practicalcoach training skills focusing on increasing competency and confidence to practice as aprofessional Health and Wellness Coach.

Your journey to becoming a professional coach

Study Method

Blended learning (see delivery section)

Start Date

See course delivery section for set program/workshop dates

Student Suitability

Completion of Level 1 and 2

Course Fee

Upfront payment or monthly payment plans available. Payment plan requires a $550 initial payment at the time of enrolling.

Level 3 builds on the knowledge gained in Level 1 and 2, providing advanced practical coach training skills and further exploring of the theoretical elements of coaching, focusing on increasing competency and confidence to practice as a professional Health and Wellness Coach.The major difference between a Health and Wellness Coach and other health professionals is the facilitative, as opposed to prescriptive approach and the handing over of responsibility to the client.  There are many aspects that are derived from other helping professions such as the unconditional positive regard that the coach will always display and the honouring of the client’s autonomy and unique values.

The next step in the journey is an intensive and comprehensive study of each element introduced in earlier levels of learning.  Level 3 brings coaching to life and builds on all your learning so far.  You will gain a deeper understanding of the many theories underpinning our work and given many opportunities to coach (and be coached).

Graduates from Level 3 will have demonstrated the ability to coach a client using the model taught and have a more confident understanding of how to handle what is brought to the session.  They will be ready to begin a lifelong pattern of learning, understanding that each and every coach continues to grow and develop as their career progresses.

Who this course is for:

This course will enable you to:

Industry Body Accreditation - Continuing Education Credits/hours

15 CECs with AUSactive

CPDs available with ESSA under their Self-Assessment Tool

Eligibility for professional membership when combined with other health qualification

Course Delivery Method

14 Week Blended Learning Course

Level 3 is blended learning format however is primarily distance education course, making this ideal for anyone living overseas or in regional Australia. Our training scheduled is designed for people who work full time in a typical 9-5 role where all our of training sessions are held outside fo typical work hours. 

    • Self-Study – A mix of reading prescribed text, watching of videos and other activities.
    • Webinars – 10 x 90 minute group webinars held on set Wednesday evening webinars over the 14 weeks (7pm to 8.30pm Sydney time). Webinar address specific topics based on the current module of learning in the timetable.
    • Long form webinars – 2 x 4 hour Saturday morning webinars held at mid way points in the course which covers coaching skills across multiple course modules. (9.30am to 1pm Sydney local time)
    • Coaching Circles – Students will work in a group of 3, meeting 4 times over the duration of the course to practice use of coaching skills and gain proficiency in the practical elements of this style of communication.
    • Coach a Client – Students will coach another student for three sessions and record one of these sessions to submit for assessment purposes.
    • Mentoring – 2 private mentoring call with our trainers and assessors are available at the mid point in your course and just prior to sitting the final practical assessment so you are feeling component in your practical skills and areas to focus on. 

Course Fee: 

  • $1790 

Choose to pay upfront in full or on a monthly payment plan – $550 due at the time of enrolling and monthly payments of $430 for the balance

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Name Date Time Location Cost
Advanced Coaching Level 3 – October 2024 7 October 2024 – 5 February 2025 07:00 pm – 08:30 pm Zoom Webinar $1,880.00

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive access to the learning portal straight away however the first module will not be unlocked until 1 week prior to the course commencing. Your hard copy text books will be posted to you approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the course commencing.

No. All the text books and resources are included in the course fee. All other resources are provided to you within the learning portal and our live training sessions.

In order for you to experience the full benefits of this practical based course, we require you to attend at least 80% of the live training sessions. If you are unable to join a session however, a pre-recording of the webinar will be available in the learning portal 1 day after the timetabled webinar.


NOTE: Your attendance is also documented as ‘live’ training hours towards NBHWC and HCANZA recognition (if you choose to enrol in one qualification courses)

You have 6 months from time the course ends to complete and have submitted all the completion activities and the 2 formal assessments.

Certificates are issued direct to you on email within 5 business days of passing all the course completion tasks and the final practical assessment.

Yes. You have access to our student knowledge base to search any prior support questions that students have asked or you can directly contact our support team with your questions and they will provide direct guidance back to you within 1 business day.


Since completing my level 3 accreditation with Wellness Coaching Australia I have commenced a business which focusses on wellness coaching specifically for men called Elevate Men's Potential. The coaching structure set out through WCA provides a terrific pathway to follow and allows clients to develop self awareness early on, providing them with the ability to develop the skills required to work week by week with their coach to achieve a vision of what it is they want to change about themselves and achieve. I have no hesitation in recommending Fiona and her team if you are considering to enter the wonderful world of helping others to become their best self. We all deserve to move forward and improve our lives. WCA is a great platform to develop the skills to provide a valueable service to our fast paced, ever changing world.
Aaron Schultz
The skills I have learned throughout these studies have proven invaluable to me and to the growth of MBS Wellness over the course of this year. Since completing level 3 studies I have started a weekly podcast “The Ex Corporate Hippie’s Guide to Wellness”, (currently listed on the “new and noteworthy” on iTunes). I’ve been featured as the only Australian author in a book called “You Well Being Sorted” which was released in July of this year, and I am close to finishing the manuscript on my own book, which will be released in the first quarter of 2015. I have been featured in the media as an expert wellness commentator both in Australia as well as overseas, and in addition to all of this I have been a key note speaker at several events throughout the year and have established a executive wellness coaching practice in Brisbane. I have no doubt that the skills I picked up during my training with Wellness Coaching Australia have greatly assisted in creating the solid foundations to my business and would have no hesitation in recommending the program to anyone interested in a career within the wellness industry.
Tracy Sheen
With a background in event and project management, I’ve always had an interest in planning and helping to “make things happen”. I’ve also had a long term interest in health and wellbeing and was eager to find a way to combine my passion with my professional skills. I completed my level 3 wellness coach training in August this year and have just launched my coaching business. My plan initially is to run my business alongside my other job with the intention of eventually operating the business fulltime as demand grows. At first, the thought of launching my own business was extremely confronting for me. However, it’s actually turned out to be a wonderful experience and has helped me discover skills I never knew I had (eg, I built my own website and have been asked by others to build theirs!) and which I’ll be able to incorporate into my business. Completing my wellness coaching qualification is one of the best things I have ever done. If you’d like to ask me any questions about the training or visit my site, my contact details are below.
Lisa Murphy
I thought a lot about completing an accredited Health and Wellness Coaching program and after my research, Wellness Coaching Australia (WCA) stood out for me. My expectations were exceeded. I started with the intention of completing level one and two but found the courses so beneficial to my work I decided to continue with Level 3. WCA is professional from the administration team through to the coaches that taught throughout the program. Each coach brought a different style and skill set to enrich the experience. I loved the variety of coaches throughout the program. A valuable part of the program was the depth of experience in the coaches. Our course concierge was fantastic and tied theory and practice together, provided support, coaching and encouragement. I received constructive feedback throughout the course enabling me to grow as a beginning coach. My new coaching skills have proved invaluable to me both as a practitioner and as a Director of Allied Health focusing on developing patient-centred using coaching principles in an Allied Health team.
Elizabeth McDonald