Foundations of Health and Wellness Coaching (Level 1)

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Discover the foundational theories, principles and fundamentals of coaching psychology and how you can use them to connect, engage and empower people to change.

Your coach training journey begins….

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Many people call themselves“coaches”, yet have never formally trained in the skills and techniques that allow them to be recognised as a professional. Start your training journey and discover the power of coaching as a way of enhancing both personal and professional relationships and facilitating behaviour change in others.

Foundations of Health and Wellness Coaching (Level 1) introduces you to the evidence based theories and models behind role of a health and wellness coach and focuses on the foundational principles and fundamentals of coaching psychology and how you can use these to connect, engage and empower people to change.

We’ll take you from understanding coaching ethics and defining the three core coaching skills, into the principles of building relationships, creating rapport and self-efficacy, use of the GROW model and an introduction to the Stages of Change model.

You’ll also be introduced to specific tools and techniques that are used within practical coachingsessionsincludingPositive Psychology, Motivational Interviewing and SMART goal setting.

Level 1 is the starting point for the coaching competency path at Wellness Coaching Australia where you can choose to continue on with our more advanced coaching short courses (Level 2 and 3) or enrol in one of our qualification courses and receive subject credit for this course.

Who this course is for:

This course will enable you to:

Industry Body Accreditation - Continuing Education Credits/hours

7.25 hours core
competencies and 2 hours Resource Development

8 CECs

8 CPDs

2 PDPs

8 CPEs

8 CPEs

10 CPEs

5 CPDs

6 CPDs

8 CPDs with REPS CPD

Approved as ongoing professional education with AHHCA

Course Delivery Method

Online Video Course

This online, self-guided video program (approximately 6-8 hours in duration) will take you through a series of video lessons presented by WCA Managing Director, Fiona Cosgrove where each section comes complete with notes and practical activities as you work through the course. 

The program is delivered through our online learning portal giving you complete flexibility to complete the course any time of the day.

You have 8 weeks access to the learning portal from the time of enrolling to complete all the video sections and online quiz questions. 

Level 1 Certificate of Attainment from Wellness Coaching Australia upon successful completion of the course where you can move through the next level of coach training – Foundations of Health and Wellness Coaching (Level 2).

Course Fee: $370

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive immediate access to the online learning portal, simply check your email with details on how to get started and receive your login details.

Yes hard copies of the course text are available for an additional fee of $xx including shipping within Australia. You can order a copy by clicking here<insert link to the shop product>

You have 8 weeks from time of enrolling to have completed all the course sections including the online quiz for each section.

Certificates are issued direct to you on email within5 business days of passing all online quiz sections in your learning portal. 

Yes. You have access to our student knowledge base to search any prior support questions that students have asked or you can directly contact our support team with your questions and they will provide direct guidance within 1 business day.


Firstly, I’m super impressed with how well you become equipped to actively listen to people about what they want or need for their life. It’s great to genuinely know what someone wants by taking your ego out of the equation. And they can sense and feel that. Secondly, I feel super empowered to take action in designing a program that will actually get someone small wins and regular, consistent success. Without even doing Level 2, 3, The Certificate and Diploma I’m amazed at the tools and depth of information Fiona goes to, while making it easy to digest. Thirdly, I have started changing the way I listen to my friends and family and how I communicate with them. This has had an instant impact on enjoying deeper conversations and helping them open up to me. My family has commented on how much better I am a communicating with them. Who would have thought not trying to give advice to people or change them but evoke the right questions could make such an impact in just a short time on my life. Thank you so much for this opportunity to learn this wonderful skill.
David Moss
Since completing my level 3 accreditation with Wellness Coaching Australia I have commenced a business which focusses on wellness coaching specifically for men called Elevate Men's Potential. The coaching structure set out through WCA provides a terrific pathway to follow and allows clients to develop self awareness early on, providing them with the ability to develop the skills required to work week by week with their coach to achieve a vision of what it is they want to change about themselves and achieve. I have no hesitation in recommending Fiona and her team if you are considering to enter the wonderful world of helping others to become their best self. We all deserve to move forward and improve our lives. WCA is a great platform to develop the skills to provide a valueable service to our fast paced, ever changing world.
Alison Glezos
I loved the Level 1 course offered by Wellness Coaching Australia. The course is a brilliant, comprehensive life changing experience. It provides engaging learning materials touching on elements of psychology and human behaviour. The course facilitators are professional, encouraging and supportive. I’m thoroughly enjoying the interaction with other students, and I feel life long friendships are being formed. I’m grateful for the new skills I’m learning and look forward to working as a wellness coach when I complete my studies. A big thank you to all the friendly staff at WCA.
Aaron Schultz