The Breast Friend Project, Let’s Stay Active with Sadie

Contributed by WCA graduate Sadie Goddard

When breast cancer arrived in Sadie’s world on 19 February 2020 staying physically fit and mentally well was at the forefront of her mind. Her decades long experience as a project coordinator in local government where she gave her heart, soul, and passion to others supporting them to live actively and be well were suddenly even more poignant.

Sadie’s love for walking, hiking, and being outdoors in nature became the foundation for her new ‘project’ to get well and support others to do the same.

“I received a diagnosis that none of us want to receive, especially after so many years educating the community to live a balanced, healthy, and well life through my work in community wellbeing,” said Sadie.

“Through surgeries and subsequent treatment, I just kept going as a professional woman in community helping others, and as a wife, a mother, and a friend, through three years and five operations, and that experience actually inspired me.”

Through her surgeries and treatment, Sadie went on to study at night while working and in 2022 she graduated from Wellness Coaching Australia. With her coaching skills and love for communication, Sadie has since been busy developing content for a variety of group workshops she has delivered over the past twelve months, and now writes and produces a podcast on Spotify called ‘Wellness Words’. Here she shares short bursts of inspiration about self-awareness and all things self-compassion.

Sadie’s coaching business took off, but she felt there was something else she wanted to do, outside of her work life.

In what began as a private Facebook group, a small group of outdoor-loving women who have survived breast cancer. A Heart Foundation walking group came next. Sadie has created an active and safe way to bring women together to enjoy the outdoors different from a traditional ‘support group’.

“A support group isn’t for everyone but it mustn’t be disregarded as a supportive way to nurture and hold space for women, and men, affected by a cancer diagnosis or other health issue, because we all have wisdom to share” said Sadie.

“My dream was to create an ‘in-kind’ element to my coaching business and stand alongside women during and after their diagnosis, and literally walk the journey together. I have lived this; I have experience, wisdom, and resilience to share with the world. So do the women who join our walking group.”

The Breast Friend Project was officially launched at a beautiful historical house in the Adelaide Hills on 27 May 2023. This new group will walk every 4th Sunday of the month along the Brighton beachfront and other destinations will be incorporated as the group grows.

A registered monthly Heart Foundation walking group for women touched by breast cancer and their friends, the invitation is open. Sadie’s wish is to bring women together and share the journey…together”.

To enquire about the Breast Friend Project Walking Group contact Sadie – and take a step forward with an understanding group of people. Visit

Sadie is a certified Health and Wellness Coach with over 20+ years of experience in the local government and community wellbeing sector. Her passion for human connectedness, self-preservation, and her knowledge and skills are shared with her clients in an individualised and centred way. Sadie provides coaching to individuals and groups, as well as speaking opportunities at various events. Sadie has lived through her own health adversity and uses her experience to support and guide people, especially busy women, in lowering stress levels and increasing gentle exercise and relaxation. Sadie develops interactive workshops based on the content of her self-published book, which focuses on positive psychology, wellbeing, resilience, social connectedness, and healthy habits. In addition to being a Mental Health First Aider, Sadie has completed a variety of training related to wellbeing, resilience, and chronic disease management. Sadie has a BA (Hons) Media Studies degree and top strengths such as creativity, perspective, and hope. Sadie’s wellness coaching approach is focused on meeting clients where they are and helping them establish healthy habits and a vision for the future.