Which Business Personality are you?

Know Your Business Personality, Know Your Strengths
The decision to start a new business presents an exciting opportunity to do something you absolutely love. 

A common scenario is when a skilled ‘technician’ leaves their paid employment to start out in their own business, either alone or with a partner/s. If that technician runs a business on their own, they go from the single role of being a technician to working in a much greater capacity.
If you know your strengths, passion and purpose, you can plan the operation of your business so that you do what you love most and outsource the rest.  Then, your business will run efficiently, effectively and profitably. 

So, what are your strengths in a business sense? 

There are three major roles in a business and they have strong relationships with personality traits and therefore, strengths.  While most people are a mix of all three ‘personalities’, one or two are typically stronger or dominant.

Which business personality are you?

“The Manager”
You’re a highly organised person who loves planning and actioning goals and tasks. You can think fairly high level (strategically) but in enough detail to work out how to put strategy into action. You love to systemise ways of doing things for greater efficiency. You may enjoy working with people (either clients or staff) in a mentoring capacity, preferably in smaller groups, empowering them to be their best. You’d do well at overseeing the day-to-day running of the business, business planning, monitoring success and meeting targets.

“The Entrepreneur” 
You’re an ‘ideas’ person who loves to initiate a concept, tell everyone about it and talk it up at social gatherings and networking functions. You love a crowd, and an audience!
You’re a big picture person who hates detail and finicky tasks. You’d rather leave that stuff to someone else!
Your ideas may be right up there in the clouds but you manage to convince everyone of how great they are, with your obvious enthusiasm and passion. 
Often, this personality type is very innovative.

“The Technician”
Most of us start our working life this way – employed to do a specific ‘job’ like studying koalas, being a dentist or offering personal training services. 
You’re the ‘work’ person who trains in a specific area to eventually become an expert or specialist in a particular service/product. A true technician is the type of person you might call a “geek” or “nerd” – obsessed by the science of something. Technicians generally love research, detail, analysis, and solving problems. They tend to be more introverted than the other types.

Whether you’re setting up a Sole Trader business or a Company with a few business partners, it’s important that you define up-front: 

  1. Your strengths and which roles you could realistically take on 
  2. Which roles will be delegated to others (business partners or staff, if relevant) 
  3. Which roles you will outsource to third party experts (e.g. book keepers, marketing consultants, administrative support, business coaches)
  4. Which roles may remain vacant and require recruitment later on.

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