Who is in Charge? Why we all need Coaching

With the busy world we live in, we all want fast results and quick fixes.  If something is not working,then let’s do our research (quickly), seek out the right expert and get the solution. Now.

Now this might work when it comes to working out an IT issue, booking a trip, or buying a present, but when it comes to making major changes in our life, this approach will always lead to failure.

A paradox exists in our communities. There has never been more time devoted to healthy lifestyle in the media.The awareness of what we are doing wrong and what we need to do is growing by leaps and bounds. Yet there are more over nourished people in the world than undernourished. The future issues faced by the public health system are frightening.  Yet we still want someone else to tell us what to do right now.

Everyone wants to be well and in control of their health and to feel good.  But is is so much easier to get someone else to do the work, give us the blueprint for how to live, tell us what to eat, yell at us to get moving, sell us the magic pill. But while this goes on, all we find is that our confidence gets lower. And the message that is sent is “You aren’t in charge”.

One of the greatest drivers in life is the need for autonomy, self determination – call it “control”. Yet we often hand over our biggest asset – our health and wellness to the latest gimmicky diet, exercise equipment, or surgery that comes out. A shift is needed.

Coaches build confidence in their clients. They help an individual tap into their deepest values and create the motivation to make change. Together they build a plan and move slowly towards improvement and the achievement of sensible goals  They ask us to take charge.